View Full Version : Release date for new chassis?

2003.05.19, 09:25 PM
Maybe I missed it somewhere, but does anyone know the release date (International or US) for the new chassis?

2003.05.19, 10:11 PM
It said it will release on July.

2003.05.28, 05:10 PM
Cannt wait looks killer

mini-z racing
2003.06.22, 11:51 AM
What will it do?

2003.06.22, 02:43 PM
It is said the new Chassis will include a built in servo saver, rear damper and will be a little longer also, they said it won't be backwards compatible, but it has yet to be seen. knowing the ingenuity of the miniZ vets around here they'll figure a way!

Comparison of the two chassis:

V1 on the right, V2 on the left!

mini-z racing
2003.06.22, 03:00 PM
Is that just a chassie and not the hole car?? So it is like a hop up ?

2003.06.22, 07:46 PM
Of course there's gonna be a new body for it Ferrari "Enzo Ferrari"
My suggestion is get it from Japan, coz once those hit your shores, say bye bye if you didn't pre order and those things'll go like hot cakes on the back burner!

2003.06.22, 09:40 PM
i hope they have more bodies quickly, not crazy about the enzo. while it's a beautiful car...it's not something i would race around and knock up. not to mention every one that gets a new racer will have the same body....you can only see so many pictures of the same car

2003.06.22, 10:45 PM
I know what you mean arch, as the saying goes "too much of a good thing get's boring over time). Yeah the Enzo is a cool car, but you can only stand so much of it, it's like why too many people RICE up Civics or why sequels are almost never as good as the first movie(most of the time they are but...). But if i had an Enzo, i'd put a great big GT wing on it and do an F1 style Decal scheme! he he he he he he :D

2003.06.23, 03:44 AM
off topic...

omg!!! kennyg's noypi too?!?!?!? where'dya run man?

on topic...

yeah i hope that they come out with other bodies too...

2003.06.23, 05:01 AM
Off topic,

That's kennyz, not kennyg! you must have me confused with that famous sax player! (couldn't play the saxophone to save my life!) I drop by Connecticut Speedway every once in a while, but i usually race at home!

On Topic,

They really really really should! It sucks that i have to order bodies and stuff from Hong Kong, my damn shipment hasen't even come in yet! BWISET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2003.06.23, 05:29 AM
opps sorry kennyg... er i mean kennyz... i ment to type z, but the g came out...

anyway see you at the track...:D

Ken Mifune
2003.06.23, 09:49 AM
I too, am hoping they come out with other bodies (right away).
I'm not very fond of the Enzo. Some designs take time to grow on me, but this one never has.
So, if I don't wait to get the new chassis I won't be too worried about being harsh on the Enzo's finish.

I also hope they don't start doing some kind of Fast-n-Furious release or generic Streetracing series.

If you want rice, make it yourself.

2003.06.23, 10:50 AM
IF they release the new chassis before the end of the Mini z cup (the last one's in November) how will that work? Can the new chassis be used on the cup? Won't that be somewhat unfair to the original chassis racers? I guess we'll have to see.

2003.06.23, 03:17 PM
I am going to stick to my original theory, when the new chassis pics were first posted.... the WINNERS top places... I suspect of hte Mini-Z cup will probly get a Enzo Readyset ;). -- this is just a GUESS though.. not official. So they are likely holding it so the winners can have it first... and then "release" it a month or so after the cup...

2003.06.23, 05:42 PM
That would make sense and would probably get people to enter just to be the first to get a new chassis. Anybody that went to or won at the New York cup know what the winners got??

2003.06.23, 05:50 PM
We should do a groupbuy on the new chassis ;)

2003.06.23, 09:14 PM
i'll wait....not interested in the enzo.

2003.06.23, 11:22 PM
Since the good folks at minizracer.com seem to have thier fingers on the pulse of the mini Z community from all aspects, maybe they can shed some light as to when they plan on selling it? thanks

2003.06.23, 11:24 PM
hey herman thanks anyway, umm since ur from here do you happen to know an AJ Tamayo(just a hunch, he said he knows someone named herman)

The Enzo is pretty, Yes, low cg, yes. Riceable sorta, what i meant was a la le mans style decals he he he.

But above anything else the really should consider more bodies with this series of chassis! Like a Pagani Zonda, or Lambo Miurcelago(or somethin), McLaren F1 or Volkswagen W12, the super cars.

If they can get lisencing from Ferrari of all people, they can get anything!

for those who don't know what a zonda is here's a pic!

2003.06.23, 11:56 PM
Well, I'm sure they had the Ferrari license before and now they're gonna squeeze as much from it as they can. I want to see a Cadillac 16 for Mini-Z!

2003.06.23, 11:57 PM
sorry for being off-topic...

yep that's me... i know aj... he bought a mini-z from me... it looks like... your car... and repaired one of his boards... but he had to redo it cause my soldering wasn't that good (due to a dirty soldering iron... got a new tip now though... so it solders a lot better now) are you guys related?

i've got a couple of miniz stuff for sale if your interested...
brand new....
nsx 2002 bodies (takata & mugen)...
unpainted bodies too (clk, modena, nsx)...
2002 f-1 ready kit (ferrari / toyota)...


2003.06.24, 04:17 AM
off topic yet again!

Aj's my cousin! i heard him talkin about a hreman guy before. the s2000 he bought was for my bro, i bought mine at futaba, last one there. where are you located or better yet lemme send you a private message with my cp and email.

on topic yet again!

see i told ya! they can get anything, they're just too lazy!

2003.06.24, 04:19 AM
off topic yet again!

Aj's my cousin! i heard him talkin about a hreman guy before. the s2000 he bought was for my bro, i bought mine at futaba, last one there. where are you located or 09175000382

on topic yet again!

see i told ya! they can get anything, they're just too lazy!

2003.06.24, 05:05 PM
well I guess I could use up my new PC funds (what little I have) and try a group buy on the enzo set... and part it out, sell just the chassis with or with out electronics... but it would cost way more then my current take outs cuz this set i suspect will start at around 160$-180 in stores...

But before I even try to organize this, I would have to find some shop/store seller source that KNOWS they will be getting them as soon as they come out...... and likely a 2nd and 3rd source as a backup...

If its like the overland, they will be on ebay way before any where else ;).

2003.06.24, 07:53 PM
Eh, Too bad i live all the way down here in the Philpinnes!
But in either case, i'll still wait out for newer bodies!

2003.06.24, 08:37 PM
i haven't been in the forum for a long while and i wondering if the new chassis design will have the same body mounts?

the enzo (IMO) is the closest thing the mini-z racer can get to an mini-z F1!

what are the advantages of having the new chassis in my setup?