View Full Version : Tools anyone?

2003.05.22, 12:54 PM
Would it not be nice to have your special mini-z tools?
Maybe with Mini-ZRacer.com on them and in anodized
in the colours of this site? Make your vote!


2003.05.22, 01:31 PM
i'm a big mzr/tinyrc supporter, i'd buy them...they get a good chuck of my paycheck!

seriously, a nice fitting philips and nice hex nut driver would be nice. my philips is slightly to pointy making it easy to strip screws, atleast the stock ones. my nut driver works well, but it's the size of a full size screw driver...need a smaller one, same size as the philips screw driver would be nice. also the correct size allenwrench for the set screws would be nice, all in a nice little box with logo!

2003.05.22, 03:48 PM
not a bad idea....

The MZR tools should be designed so that it doesn't roll off work benches or tables, should be magnetized... I'm talking about screw drivers....

In a carrying case which proudly has the logo of MZR.... etc etc.... just some ideas....

2003.05.22, 04:37 PM
i say they should have a black case with a big Mini-zracer.com in red on the front, screwdrivers should fit the screws perfectly not too small or too big, there should be a tool for spreading brushes on a motor and some really good precision pliers, these tools should have alloy handles with the MZR logo on them, they should be avalable sepreatly or avalable as a set with the above mentioned case

that would be awesome:D

Ken Mifune
2003.05.22, 05:28 PM
I prefer individual tool pieces when working at home but perhaps a quality multi-tool would be nice to complete the Mini-Z carrying case.

and why is everybody so logo crazy? It's just a logo.;)

2003.05.22, 08:00 PM
no multi tools, i like them for at the track but if there is a nice carrying case i could use single tools at the track, ;)

2003.05.26, 05:04 AM
I don't belive that We are only 6 drivers, who want (or not) the perfect tools. With or without the logo for use on our Z cars... :rolleyes:
So please place your vote and write a reply with your opinion!


2003.05.26, 09:56 AM
i ran into a similar thing with my ol wheel poll;) , low turn out...hmmm

i voted!