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2003.05.22, 08:41 PM
say, i wonder what it'll take for Tom Thumbs here in columbus to get a separate forum section like Castle Hobbies does?;) :D

2003.05.22, 09:40 PM
Alright, alright, we're working on it! :p

2003.05.22, 09:56 PM

2003.05.23, 02:25 AM
woohoo!! 'ask and you shall recieve..'

thanks dave. long time coming but it's finally here. you're the best.:)

and a big thanks to mike and TTs for providing the support and a place to race.:cool:

2003.06.15, 09:35 PM
I agree!!!!!

2003.06.17, 03:21 AM
i live in columbus and i'm thinking of buying a mini z. where do you recommend i look. also which class tends to have more competitors, sedan or rally? i'm not sure which one i want but i definitely want to race and i don't want to get an f1 just yet.

i used to race 1/10 and 1/12 cars when i was in junior high. how do the mini zs compare?

2003.06.17, 01:38 PM
bobcat- i sent you a private email earlier to answer your questions.

i live in chillicothe but most members live in columbus. i just happen to be the self proclaimed reporter of current events but also race.

kyle (latency) and john (wtgfdbs) have personal tracks at their homes and host races from time to time. you may want to email them on the next time they host.

the rest of the time, we all gather at tom thumbs to race on scheduled weekends. june 28 is Round Two though i'm trying to get a few to meet up this sunday for open practice.

2003.06.17, 04:54 PM
ILL BE THERE ON THE 26th OF JULY!!!!! (Black Puegeot) I live in Covington..... Sucks...... Tom Thumb is a 2 HOUR DRIVE FROM MY HOUSE...... There needs to be a track in Florence or somethin... OH well. I'd look on www.************.com for a mini-z. Get a cheap one. (thats like 99.99) and then get another body with it..... But u can always order the body off this site, a rally body and race in both classes like i plan to. Or jus go to Tom Thumbs and get your stuff.

2003.06.20, 02:05 AM
I went to Tom Thumb's today and i ended up getting the Focus. I also got bearings and the powerline diff but i forgot to get grease. plus it didn't come with an allen wrench so i can't put it on yet.

so far i'm pleased even though i've really only been able to fart around on the hardwood floor in my apartment.

Is anyone planning on going to TT's this weekend? i'm not tired of doing donuts yet but by tomorrow i will be, so if anyone else is planning on going i'll show up.

2003.06.20, 07:30 AM
good choice of car. now i won't be the only focus in the rally:D
with an xspeed you can run dual classes in the mod sedans.

2003.06.20, 08:59 AM
...West, he does not need an xspeed for the mod sedans, heck, I came in second in the mod last weekend and I run purely stock. ;)

2003.06.20, 09:06 AM
yeah, right.

btw, i think i have my problems solved so i should be ready to go next Round.

2003.06.20, 04:26 PM
latency> did you break that motor in? I had originally planned to do so with this one but i didn't have every thing i needed on hand and i got impatient.

oh wait i see, ;) now i get it

either way, i don't mind losing badly. i'm just anxious to get practicing.

2003.07.20, 09:09 AM
does everyone at TT's use foam tires? can you get them at TT's?

what about tire width. do you all use wide?

i'm planning on going next weekend to at least watch and practice a bit. will i be able to run without an x-speed? obviously i won't be competitive but there is no stock class right?

i'm also curious, do any of you have hpi micros?

2003.07.20, 11:09 AM
Q: does everyone at TT's use foam tires?
A: most of us do. but no all. foams offer best traction on carpet tracks however wears faster than rubber compounds.

Q:can you get them at TT's?
A: yes. foam tires are available at TTs. miniZracer brand for the sedans and Squat foams for F1s

Q:what about tire width. do you all use wide?
A: if so it's for the rears. there are 8.5mm to 11mm wide tires available at the shop. however not sure if all are using foams in front. i do myself.

Q: i'm planning on going next weekend to at least watch and practice a bit.
A: c'mon man. don't be a chicken!:D being a spectator is one thing. but getting in there and racing is even better. gotta get some valuable experience under your belt. regardless of your outcome, guarantee you'll have fun!

Q: will i be able to run without an x-speed? obviously i won't be competitive but there is no stock class right?
A: you are right. there is no stock class and the xspeed is one way you can race mod without use of a turbo. sometimes luck in the race might get you a podium finish even with a stock motor. John had to resort to a stock motor last weekend. wound up third because of attrition.

Q: i'm also curious, do any of you have hpi micros?
A: cory does but he doesn't actively race it. mark might have one but doesn't race it either. mainly 10th scale if he does race other than the Zs. the rest of us are pure Z racers

2003.07.20, 01:09 PM
Yeah bobcat if your going up there on the 26th of july im gonna go up there too. Never raced a rc car in my life but hey what the heck, if i screw up i can say" Its my first day sir" -Homer Simpson

hehe well anyways im not gonna have a black pugeot, I have a Lancer evo, but i dont think that that matters seeing as that there is no rally class anymore :mad: Oh well and I have a question.. what does the mAh mean on batts? i got 2 sets of 700 and 2 of 750. i think it means something Amps Hour but im not sure... Ahhh cant wait to race thinkn bout a vette bod 4 sedan i really want a White Trueno so if anyone that goes to tom thumbs has one tell me if you want to sell it cause im looking to buy. oh by the way you will probably know me at toms seeing as my hair is sort of big...


Tom Thumb Hobby
2003.07.21, 08:09 AM
Hi TrigunPunisher7,

Hope you can make it up for our next race. Even though it will be your first race I know you will have fun.

Mah stands for "millie amp hour". When a battery is rated at 700Mah that means that the battery can supply 700 thousandths of an amp ( .75 amp) to a load for 1 hour before recharge is needed.

Batteries are rated at their "nominal" value, meaning that most batteries will slighly exceed their rated value and a few will greatly exceed it. That is one reason why some batteries are more $$$ than others.

Hope to see you next week !!!