View Full Version : Who drives outside?

2003.05.23, 12:54 PM
BOY it's be a long time since my last post. I was bored last night, so I took my miniz out for a drive on the sidewalks by my house. I haven't played around with the Z in forever, so I thought I was overdue. I checked out the site today, and I was so happy that they have lifted mini-zs now!

Anyway, would these trucks be ok to drive on the sidewalks, and paved roads that are too bumpy for the regular mini-z? I was beating the crap out of my poor skyline last night, but it's a trooper!

I'd be very tempted to buy an Overland if they'd be good for un-even sidewalk and road 'racing'. Damn my impulse buying! Speaking of, I just bought a new sony MiniDV cam this week, maybe I could take some vids of my overland if I got one.

2003.05.23, 01:56 PM
welcome back! read me... (http://mini-zracing.com/archives/cat_articles.html) :D

2003.05.23, 02:59 PM
Thanks, that's a great read, you did a great jorb on it!

I really like your LEDs there, too. I'll have to do some research on those bad boys... I'm going to have to save my cash for a little while, but I think an overland will be in my near future. I should have gotten one of those over a regular Z, i have no where to drive it :(