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2003.05.26, 12:14 PM
i plan on getting an overland soon because of how much fun people say they are. but i have a question regarding them. is there any difference between the pajero and the land cruiser? in speed?acceleration?handling? ive been searching the forums for an hour now and still no answer so if this has been asked before just point me to the post:)


2003.05.26, 12:41 PM
Get what you like. However Pajero takes jumps better and is smaller but flips more on turns. Landcruiser is longer, doesn't take the jumps that well but takes the off road terrain better because it rarely flips. The differences even out, so get which one you think looks the best.

2003.05.26, 12:51 PM
i want something that jumps good, but i also want something that has good handeling and control. does the pajero still handle somewhat decent? can i still jump the land cruiser?

2003.05.26, 01:16 PM
you might wanna wait for the new OL bodies coming out pretty soon...

cuz i no i am :D

2003.05.26, 01:39 PM
Land cruiser all the way. The land cruiser jumps better handles better, the body comes off ALOT easyer, and doesnt have as much body roll. But the pajero seems to be a little fast off the line, turns a little sharper, climbs better, and you enter and exit angles are ALOT BETTER. But the LC seem to be the best overall. Plus screw enter and exit angles, when you lift it up like I did It will walk all over and stock OL. Plus if you want to make a monster out of it, the LC wheel wells are much bigger so you dont have hardly any tire rub.

2003.05.26, 01:41 PM
or max it out

2003.05.26, 02:17 PM
neither, wait a month or so and get a white hummer and a blue bimmer body, thats what i will be doing :D

2003.05.26, 02:23 PM
a month those bodies are going to be out? Cooooooll..... but stilll I prefer the rally bodies.... They just look cool while driving through the dirt.

2003.05.26, 04:42 PM
i would wait but i want an overland asap. i will probably go with the land cruiser just because it handles better and jumps better.
your right, who cares about enter and exit angles, i aint racin' i just wanna cruise offroad;)

2003.05.26, 05:54 PM
The LC only handles better if you suck at driving. My turning wheel is all the way to the right. THe hardest setting there is...most narrow turns. The Pajero JUMPS WAY BETTER. Don't be fooled by the people who love their LC ;)

2003.05.26, 06:02 PM
warnoffroad... that is the titest rally LC!!!!

Wow.... i wish icould do something like that when i get my OL.:D

2003.05.26, 06:03 PM
i have the pajero and handling is amazing....think about it, the body is less long and to me its more agile zip around corners. Havent tried jumping the LC but the pajero jumps great. And it would also make sense that the pajero is quicker off the line , less resistance. GL wit decision. To me its a beauty contest cuz both have ups and downs.

2003.05.26, 06:35 PM
I own both.
The Pajero is the trickster of the two. The shorter wheelbase allows it to climb and descend better than the Land Cruiser.
It also turns better and does better wheelies too.

The Land Cruiser is extremely stable in a straight line. The Land Cruiser's downfall in my opinion is the amount of front and rear overhang on the bodyshell. It tends to get snagged a bit when climbing up and down.

My solution to solving the "choice" issue is: Buy both!

2003.05.26, 06:41 PM
Originally posted by Mondo
My solution to solving the "choice" issue is: Buy both!

i would have to agree! now that i have a 2nd overland...it gives me more options, different bodies and setups to choose from. i will probably end up with 2 bodies for each ol chassis. rally lc and x5 for my heavily modded ol and white pj and silver lc for my stock ol.

2003.05.26, 06:59 PM
well, now i still dont know what i want. im starting to shift back towards the pajero because of its handeling and being able to jump better(from what ive heard) if theres any more that would like to argue for the better go ahead. i want as much info as i can get:)

2003.05.26, 09:11 PM
BoyWonder belive us all when we tell you...its basically which ever body you like more. Just keep in mind the pajero flips more and is fast...and the LC is way more stable and a littel slower on turns.

To be honest...I was going to buy a Rally LC when i couldn't get a OL online...but since things turned out fine i was able to get the white one i wanted. Its whatever you think looks the best to YOU basically.

2003.05.26, 09:49 PM
ok, thanks you guys for the help. i ordered the red pajero and i should get it in about two weeks. i cant wait.


2003.05.26, 10:12 PM
there is a group buy for overland bodies going...you can order the lc body and have both here (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=77668#post77668)

2003.05.26, 10:17 PM
if only i had the money i would. hopefully i can scrape some together before it ends...how long do i got?

2003.05.26, 10:17 PM
land cruiser

2003.05.26, 10:23 PM
a week or 2?!?

2003.05.26, 10:26 PM
i might be able to do it. i wont post an order though until i get the money. thanks arch2B

2003.05.26, 10:57 PM
iv been studying the two and might end up changing my order. the only problem that i have seen with the land cruiser is the body hangsover alot. i figure that since the only difference is the length of the car, that the only thing diferent is handling, and that if it was longer and more stable, wouldnt take jumps better?(be able to land more in control?)

in my opinion the land cruiser is the way to go. there is only one default to it and thats the body overhang

2003.05.26, 11:09 PM
nevermind, ill get the other body to:D :D

2003.05.27, 06:52 PM
If you can change it to the LC!! I have all 4 OL bodys on running frames. The LC jumps alot better. I really like the pajero because it runs very well on the bed sheets and stuff but thats about it. The LC seems to flex better, and grip better on tile. If I could only keep on it would be the LC by far. The LC body is SO much EASYER to take off! Every time you take the pajeros off it feels like its goign to bust apart. And if your going to get a set of wide wheels and tires the pajero will need fender cutting, and they look a little funny from a front view. But they fit like a clove on the LC, plus if you want to make a suspension lift like I did (see pic), it will only work on the LC.

2003.05.27, 07:27 PM
Hey how do u get the big tires, and how do u raise the body?

2003.05.27, 07:48 PM
I got those tires off of a toy suburban (scaled to 35s) Those tires will fit with out a lift kit, thats why I love the LC. The body isnt lifted. It's a SUSPENSION lift.:cool:

2003.05.27, 09:24 PM
wow man, i really love your OL..

2003.05.27, 10:59 PM
i cant change my order any more but i am already ordering a LC body in arch2b's group buy. that way i can try both:)

2003.05.27, 11:29 PM
nope i changed my mind again. i changed the order to the rally LC. i will soon be the proud owner of a Land Cruiser:D :)

2003.05.28, 08:57 PM

I love the surburban wheels! Where did you get the surburban? Wal-Mart? That is exactly the look i wanted!!


2003.05.29, 10:33 PM
Yes Oh master where did you get those wheels???

2003.05.30, 08:36 PM
Well the wheels are just from a mini z racer. But the tires are off of a 1/24 scale suburban. Im not sure where I got it I just had it in my closet. I looked for a company name or a part #, but couldnt find one, sorry. I do remember that I got it in one of those flat boxes that have about 10 in a box that are all suburbans only different colors. Im got to the flee market to get some stickers mad up. Im sure I can find them there, so if I do find them i'll buy a few and send you the tires (unless you want the truck too, trying to make shipping easyer) for the cost of shipping and the truck.

How many do I need to pick up if I find them? (These tires do fit on the LC with out and fender cutting) WILL NOT FIT PAJERO

2003.05.31, 08:47 AM
So they fit on without modification to the wheels or anything, just a direct fit? I have an LC, by the way.

OK, if you do find it, I will get 4 tires.

2003.05.31, 10:54 AM
Thank You I wiil Take 4 tires I do not need the truck if it is a metal body if it is plasitc and could be used as a mini z body Iwill take the whole thing.