View Full Version : dots on the bottom of the servo?

2001.11.11, 12:22 AM
Just curious, I've seen this on many websites, but why does everyone have colored dots on the bottom of their servos? I saw Zath's & Ruff's pics and just wanted to know.


2001.11.11, 12:35 AM
To try to hide the KO Propo logo?

2001.11.11, 01:38 AM
i had never notesed this intel you said that, but mine dosnt have one, ruffrider-z's dose so i think its a litle strange

2001.11.11, 11:03 AM
Can it be that the dots are for the first generation Mini-Z?I tend to only notice on the older cars only.

Ruffrydin Z's
2001.11.11, 11:53 AM
I thought it was to indicate what frequecy it had but mine is running 5 and thats green and my sticker is yellow so I couldnt tell you?:confused: