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2003.05.28, 05:13 PM
I have an Overland on the way with a PN Racing SO2 motor and GPM V2 Turbo and was wanting to know if the idler can hold up to the power for at least a while, til an alloy idler becomes more widely available.

I just drive around the house and nail jumps, I rarely get on the breaks hard and never do reverse to forward wheelies. I also drive outside sometimes on a dirt track or concrete. I want to know if it can hold up for a while in these conditions. Thanks, i just don't want to screw up my idler after a few days, that really is disappointing.

2003.05.28, 06:26 PM
i had your exact same idea, to wait for it to become more available. I only ran indoors only, hit small jumps but used the overland alot. I never did any reverse to foward wheelies and rarely use reverse or braking in general. I thought i would be the last one in the world to break it b/c i kept it so clean and i was so careful b/c i know how easy it is to strip. Well one day i take , maybe a 3 inch up jump on to carpet and believe it or not, the thing wouldnt move as soon as it landed. i checked everything and it was that 1 tooth on the idler gear stripped. honestly , its really not worth it to save a few bux for shipping on e.b.a.y from japan then to be out of commision for over a week b/c you wanted to wait. so do yourself a favor and order it. Im sure you will be more at risk with a upgrade motor, i was only using a stock OL. this is one of the easiest things to break especially if you keep your diff locked and it hurts the most b/c w/o it you cant run your OL.

just my .02

2003.05.28, 08:56 PM
I've had my stock idler in my overland and have been running it since new years day, it runs fine...no wear on it at all.

yes I pop wheelies a lot, yes it has a ton of runtime on it (just look at any of the pictures I've posted) and I run on dirt, short spotty grass, cement, hardwood, and carpet.

I also jump mine a lot, but I didn't learn to jump with the overland, I raced 1/10th scale stadium trucks for several years so I know not to land on power, that's how gears are stripped.

My hunch is mines lasted because I've never run my overland without the bearings on the idler gear ;)

oh yea, I also have monster size tires on it, and I still pop wheelies with the truck setup like that, and no wear. I do have a GPM delrin/alloy idler gear in my toolbox in case it ever chips a tooth, but I see no need until it actually happens!

2003.05.28, 09:20 PM
I guess I'll be getting some bearings and order that idler off ebay sometime, i just don't like ebay as much as something like d****** or tower or MZR.

I have been watching the bearing battle go on for a while but don't know which to get, i would like to have all 9 bearings in one thing but i heard the only ones like that weren't very good.

I have raced 2WD nitro trucks for 2 years and bashed an electric for 1 year. After blowing out i couple diffs you learn not to land full throttle.

By the way, what is the deal with the alloy/delrin on the gear? Is it half and half?

2003.05.28, 09:23 PM
yep, the larger portion of the idler gear (part that contacts pinion) is delrin.

the smaller gear, that goes to the *spur* gear on the differential, is alloy.

2003.05.28, 11:59 PM
Do youself a favor and get the Delrin Ilder Gear. i'm scared as sh*t to strip it but my Overland is out of commision anyways. I fried the whole controller because i put the batterys in wrong ONCE. OL's are good and all, but its too much of a pain to get reaplcement parts or anything. I have to now go on ebay and pay 36 for a TX. Its not fun. Make sure you get every part you can this way your not out of commish like me and OverlandPajero.

PS - Get knuckles too...those go fast. One of mine is already clearly bent but my OL also went down a few flights of steps ;).

2003.05.29, 12:08 AM
you dont have to buy a perfex transmitter to replace it!

get a futaba 2pcka transmitter on ebay (AKA magnum junior). Should be about 20 bucks, MUCH better unit than the kyosho one if you have to replace it!

2003.05.29, 12:30 AM
hey BLiND theres a lot of different Magnum Juniors on eBay. If you could give me a exact model number or year i'll be more then happy to get it. Maybe a site...doesn't have to be ebay. Please get back to me :)

2003.05.29, 12:34 AM
just look for 27mhz AM and get one with dual rate.

the easiest way to tell it has dual rate, is the steering wheel itself is chrome on that model, the cheap model without dual rate has a black wheel on it.

just make sure to get 27mhz AM and not anything else!

2003.05.29, 12:35 AM
oh and other brands will work, some good ones:


just look for 27mhz AM transmitters with dual rate ;)

2003.05.29, 12:36 AM
Ok thx man. I checked tower and they have 27mhz but i wasn't sure waht model. Ebay doesnt have like any Magnum Juniors. Could i call futaba and order it?

2003.05.29, 12:36 AM
Whoa lol. It looks like i can get a lot of TX's now. Good thing :) Thanks for hte help man. I'm going to check out all these brands. Peace

2003.05.29, 12:40 AM
yea there's more brands, but the quality of those 4 is the best you can get.

heck, if you can find the JR XR2 in 27mhz AM, it comes with a computer screen and has tons of do-dads to play with ;)

any would work just the same, get one that you like the looks of mainly, and next time you race some mini-z's with newbies you'll get a lot of confused looks ;)

2003.05.29, 12:40 AM
I'm having trboule finding places that sell these. Could you give me a alternative other then eBay? Also which TX out of all of those brands do you reconmend?

2003.05.29, 12:41 AM
Oh **** you already replied. My bad :)

2003.05.29, 12:44 AM
places to find the transmitter only, not normally sold in a store.

eBay is about it bro...lots of sellers part the radio kits out, they sell like the receiver, crystals, transmitter, and servo's seperately

2003.05.29, 01:12 AM
Yo Blind Im leaning between the Hitec 27mhz AM Agressor. I found some futaba Magnum Junior with chrome steerings wheels but i can't tell if they are Dual Rate or not. please reply man.

2003.05.29, 01:15 AM
notice the little slider on your perfex transmitter that's on the handle? Right where your index finger is while holding the remote?

look for one of those sliding adjustments on the handle of the remote ;)

that's the dual rate adjuster

2003.05.29, 01:19 AM
Yeah dude. The hitec has that I think I am goign to get that one. One more question lol. I can get the controller without the crystal right? I still have my 27mhz AM channel 6 Crystal taht came with my Kyosho Perfex.

Also tell me which one to get on this page and if this Hitec one im looking at is good.

http://www.brucknerhobbies.com/car_radios.htm - All Futaba's. Which one to get? Do i ask for no crystal?

http://www.hitecrcd.com - THe Am Agressor. Looks awesome. I see the dual rate. Its 50 tho on HobbyPeople. Only place i could find it. Should i get this 1? There are also 3 different aggressor models for AM like ones with ESC and reverse servo. I would appreciate it if you can give me the exact modle of the AM Aggressor to get.

After you answer these i promise not to bug you anymore! Peace :)

2003.05.29, 01:21 AM
yea, you'd need a matching pair no matter what ;)

2003.05.29, 01:53 AM
Yo BLiND. Read above i edited my post. Also...does 26.996 Mhz or 27.045 Mhz make a difference. I can't find anything that is just 27mhz. Sorry to annoy you, just trying to make sure i get a TX that works perfect.

2003.05.29, 02:04 AM
Originally posted by WhiteyP
Yo BLiND. Read above i edited my post. Also...does 26.996 Mhz or 27.045 Mhz make a difference. I can't find anything that is just 27mhz. Sorry to annoy you, just trying to make sure i get a TX that works perfect.

those 2 numbers you listed are the crystal channels, just a different way of listing it (rather than 1-6)

here's one that would work fine, $40 with shipping:

the agressor you're looking at is fine also.

if you buy a radio set though, you dont need the esc, you dont need servo's, and you dont need a receiver! So you could either sell those on eBay after you get it, or just deal with the extra stuff, just get the cheapest setup you can find really, as I've seen replacement mini-z transmitters for $17 before

2003.05.29, 09:11 AM
The dam stars blocked out the link. E-mail it to me at JetFan2k2@yahoo.com or just put it in spaces like d i n b a l l.

I'm down to either the Hitec Aggressor AM 27mhz or on eBay i found a Futaba T2phka AM 27mhz. Both have Dual rate but the agressor comes with servos and receivers and sh*t. THe futaba has more steering options it seems. Whichever one you say i should get is the one i will get. Both are also around the same price. I plan on getting a Team Associated T3 and that is AM in either 27mhz or 75mhz. Which TX would work better with my T3 (the stock RTR electric one).

Thanks for all the help BLiND, you should be a mod ;).

2003.05.29, 09:35 AM
i'm pretty sure draconious has the prefex's...here (http://mywebpages.comcast.net/draconious/Mini-Z/P_ProductList.html)

2003.05.29, 01:36 PM
Originally posted by WhiteyP
Thanks for all the help BLiND, you should be a mod ;).

thats not for me, I'd sooner stick pins in my eyes ;)

on my link up there with the stars, replace the stars with e.bay.com (I'm sure you can figure it out) and the link will work.

either radio would work fine with the t3 truck.

all you need to look for is a good price, 27mhz am, and dual rate ;)

2003.06.04, 07:07 PM
I'm planning on getting an Overland soon. What are the part numbers for the idler gear. stock and metal. thanks

2003.06.04, 09:16 PM
DMOL1034T i think but the only place i know you can get it is off eb@y right now i just ordered another myself

2003.06.04, 09:20 PM
and dont quote me on this but i think stock is MV07

2003.06.04, 09:23 PM
or it could be MV10 im not really sure lol

2003.06.04, 09:45 PM
MV07 is Kyosho Gearbox Set Overland and
MV10 is Kyosho Pinion Gear Set Overland do you know which one it is?
I'm about to order a overland from tower since my dad is picky and he will only order from them since I've ordered there many times.
What parts should I order with it. I don't have much money