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2003.05.28, 07:48 PM
okay. i am a a little disappointed in squat right now. my overland racing it just came in and it included funky normal mini-z size rims and foam tires. the only other thing it had was a plastic straw chopped into 4 pieces that go over the "shock" shaft that limits travel. "that's it. that's the list." (q: tony c.) pics will be up tonight.

save your money and buy nice inch ups and take your shock shaft to a electronics store to get some shrink wrap that you can cut to your desired length to limit the stroke and ride height. DO not heat the shrink wrap of course. just get the size that slips over the shaft, but still catches the screw head.

very disappointed. i have no idea what they were thinking. i will be making a solid custom lowering kit myself soon which will lower my overland properly. i have an idea that will have to do since the squat kit is worth....well...squat.

now where was the link for kyosho's shorter shock....

2003.05.28, 07:58 PM
to clarify what came with the kit:

(4) rims - their silver dish type rims for regular mini-z(never seen em in my life for a reason)

(4) foam tires - ummm... foam tires

(4) pieces of a chopped up straw.

the end.

i think my coreless motor mount strap is a waaay better deal than this. and that is messed up. very pissed.

on the other hand, my gpm wides came in w/ tires and made me very happy. they are dope blue. they won't match my landcruiser, but i don't care... pics of course will be up tonight. b

2003.05.28, 08:31 PM
sorry to for the disapointment...funny description though.

how do the wide wheels fit? do they improve the handling!

look forward to the pictures...

2003.05.28, 09:03 PM
that's horrible, how can a company market a product like that?

heck, I race my overland in stock form (albeit with bearings and an A-bb motor) against hopped up mini-z's (6x2 + FET stacks - NML and PN-racing motors) and I can beat them handily...

wonder what I would do if the car was a bit more stable? Already the overland in stock form is easier to drive on a tight course than the racers are, as I've borrowed racers from other guys to play with on the same track.

post pics of the setup installed if you can, I'd like to see how the racer size rims look with their lowered setup.

also, how long in mm are the shock down stops?

2003.05.28, 09:29 PM
blind: just put regular mini-z rims on your car to see what they will be like. just gotta watch the clearance of the gear housing clip. the drop (from squat) is a literal hair under 1/4" sorry mondo, you gotta do the conversion. a tall mini-z tire will work good if you play on hard flat surfaces. i ran on the underside of a carpet and it was lightly getting hit.

- use anything that will fit around the shaft. stiff shrink wrap unshrinked will work perfectly. and you can cut it to length.

- once you drop it down like the pics of mine show, it will handle very well. the only surface that is a no-no... is a high grip surface. you will do el-rollos.

- take a close look at my pics, i also added spacers under the shock mount on the front to drop the chassis and not take away too much stroke.

- also, if you look very very closely at my pics, i have tiny springs inside of the regular springs you see that practically hug the shaft. these are stiff and make sure i don't bottom out or get body roll. squat does not address this issue.

- i also tried other springs like the micro rs4's front ones which you remove the lower perch of the overland and slip the tiny springs on. if you try it, you'll see what i mean. these are good race tension spring rates for flat racing. i will be going back to these. i also tried eagle racing rear springs blah blah. if i have time and patience, i'll do them again and take pics.

- the rear is a different issue, the way the rear mount bolts to the chassis is unraisable(?). a company has to make a drop mount where the shock mounting point will be higher and therefore lowering the car.

- damn, why am i writing all this, i got a crap load of work to do.

- anyways, my idea is to make a plate where the plate will bolt to the stock shock mounting points and right above and to the side the old mounting point, i will have holes to mount the shock to with a nut/bolt setup. this will also give a possible better angle on the shock tops aiming towards the center. yes, i thought about the locating rods and they shouldn't hit the shock tops as it will be for onroad and not offroad with minimal movement. it should still clear the body.


2003.05.28, 10:16 PM
Originally posted by bdreeft
blind: just put regular mini-z rims on your car to see what they will be like. just gotta watch the clearance of the gear housing clip. the drop (from squat) is a literal hair under 1/4"

see, I would, but I dont own a mini-z racer, I just race against them ;)

I assume pics are at your website in your sig? I'll go look there, I saw what you had last night when I was looking at your coreless mod (still an awesome idea BTW)

2003.05.28, 10:30 PM
pics are at the following link. see the 2nd pic down, you will notice the tiny spring inside the big spring where the shaft shows.

also, you will see the pink thing under the front shock holder. that is a DIFFERENT size shrink wrap that lowers the main chassis. i don't like it too much as it can strain the plastic there and might strip as it is not fully screwed in.


my sig is our actual car racing page. (update once a year. haha. it is soooo behind and incomplete)

2003.05.29, 06:16 AM
okay. squat kit and other stuffs pics are now up at


peace. b

2003.05.29, 06:52 AM
if anyone wants the brand new unopened squat kit, email me at b_drift@hotmail.com

the overland could use some nice kyosho shocks.

my review of the squat kit is my own personal opinion and the pictures should let you determine if it is what it should be. b

2003.05.29, 07:50 AM

Your frustrations are justified! I can't say that the Squat kit is anywhere near impressive. Quite sad actually.

Good to see your enjoying the GPM wides, even if they are invading the fenders personal space.
I have them on both Overlands and I rate them as a top-notch hop up part.

2003.05.29, 08:58 AM
do you happen to remember the product number for your gpm wheels....those are the same ones i want! only silver.

2003.05.29, 03:40 PM
arch2b. you just made me dig through my rubbish.

part # MOL0306BW

The "W" is the wide designation. i think the same for tires.

mondo: yeha, the rims are awesome. to bad i can't use it unless i make flares for my overland......flares? dammit, no time. b

2003.05.29, 04:17 PM
thanks:D , actually i think the "b" is for the "bold" profile?!?

2003.05.29, 05:06 PM
hmm. not sure about that. according to the list of GPM parts from the other thread, there are "bold" rims with out the "B" in the part #. hmm, and neither are blue. oh well, good luck. b

2003.06.06, 10:26 PM
FYI: mini-zracing has a link to kyosho's site with a few new OL stuff.

MVW14 = short stroke shock set. not oil though. :(
looks like just a shorter shaft though. hopefully the shock body is shorter too.


2003.06.06, 10:33 PM
those x5 wheels are really nice! i can only wish gpm makes some wide ones that are atleast similar

2003.06.08, 12:28 PM
Originally posted by bdreeft
FYI: mini-zracing has a link to kyosho's site with a few new OL stuff.

MVW14 = short stroke shock set. not oil though. :(
looks like just a shorter shaft though. hopefully the shock body is shorter too.


Yeah, we just got the MVW14 in (not added to Shop DB yet) - I'm not entirely sure what they are for?! They are called "Lowdown Shock Set" - just limited travel for a lower OL?

2003.06.08, 05:11 PM
Uh oh, an Aktion RC Hybrid 540 kit 2.0. ;) You'll have fun with that, trust me.


2003.06.08, 10:29 PM
mini-zracer. can you throw that in my order for the tinyrc stuff? email me if you can and how much to paypal. thanks b