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2003.05.29, 07:33 PM
anyone have protection from mud or water hitting the motor wire area or the esc? or the crystal/power switch area, etc? my white paj just came in and it will stay an overland, not a racer. it wants to get dirty. i may have to throw it in some dirt soon. just as soon as a 2x2(minimum) stack goes in tonight. it will catch 1 foot of air tonight. i gotta have someone get pics for me. 18'x12' of upsidedown carpet w/ folds = time to break stuff. b

2003.05.29, 07:46 PM
you would have to gun it hard in some sloppy sh&% to get mud/water up in the crevices. even after driving through this (http://mini-zracer.com/gallery/album54/IMG_0113) , i didn't get anything in any of the areas you mentioned. believe me, there was alot to clean (http://mini-zracer.com/gallery/album54/Img_0123) but you can see it didn't get to any vital areas. do avoid water whenever possible though. i will likely avoid such mud again...made for alot of cleaning. more than i what to do on a regular basis, hehe.

i just got my leds, batts and other electronics in the mail...now i just need the new bodies from the group buy...with the brass stock i picked up last weekend and i will have 2 bad @ss overlands! with what i have planned...they will outdo my current land cruiser easily!

2003.05.29, 08:02 PM
just what i was looking for. i saw your pics, but the under cody shot was what i needed. oh crap, i just thought of a place to race off road. nice moss patches every so often. the entire thing goes from flat to 35+ degrees with undulations. i will probably make a lexan peice to cover the wire area and the on/off/crystal area. b

2003.05.29, 09:26 PM
to seal it you could just put some silicon calk around the cover and where any other opening is, but i wouldnt worry about it;)

2003.05.30, 04:53 AM
cool. i just finished my 2x2 stack in overland#2. my white pajero is ready to get dirty. too bad i gotta sleep now. b

2003.05.30, 05:42 AM
Simple scotch tape would work good (if clean when applied) for covering the switch and various other holes... shrink wrap to protect the esc... etc.

2003.05.30, 08:25 PM
I had my big OL on some water about 2.5 inches deep with out a problem. All I did was wrap the motot and motor mount in eletrical tape and my on/off switch