View Full Version : Pics of all the new shells

2003.05.31, 09:42 AM
red hummer

2003.05.31, 09:43 AM
sand yellow hummer, I thought I was going to want the red more but now I think the sand yallow looks better

2003.05.31, 09:44 AM
blue X5

2003.05.31, 09:45 AM
Silver X5, I think I like the silver better.

2003.05.31, 09:45 AM
The new pajero in white, looks just like th old one only a none rally :(

2003.05.31, 09:46 AM
And the red pajero. I forgot to say the hummer is going to be put out with the rest of the new shells in aug 03.

2003.05.31, 09:47 AM
oooops forgot the pic

2003.05.31, 02:08 PM
Where did you get these pics?

2003.06.01, 01:23 AM
Here is how I rate them Best to worst
Dessert Hummer
Blue X5
white pajero
silver x5
red (pink/orange? maybe its the pick) pajero
red (pink/orange maybe its the pick) hummer.

I think I am going to get the dessert hummer in the ready set for my 2nd overland :D


2003.06.01, 01:37 AM
most have been posted here already, may have read this already... (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=8111)

2003.06.04, 09:50 AM
I love that sand hummer. I wish Kyosho was an American company so we could have Ford F-350's or Chevy Silverado's.

Kyosho does have the Dodge Viper Racer though so maybe a Ram is on the way?? I hope. I am tired of SUV's!!

2003.06.04, 11:41 AM
The sand hummer is my fav too.

Yugo DSC Maxxer
2003.07.05, 09:41 PM
I want a black hummer...
And a black LC...
And I really want a black X5...(I'd love to get one of those luxo's muddy and see an X5 with suspension flex!:D)
Overall, I just like black cars! (But I'd want a clear chassis:rolleyes: )