View Full Version : Screwed Up My Overland!!!

2003.06.02, 04:22 PM
I was starting to put in my turbo (V2) on my Overland today by putting the battery wires on the two screw-on terminals underneath the ESC. That went well but when I tried to put everything back together all but one of the servo wires broke. I soldered them back on and used the turbo with the stock motor but it would only seem to go in reverse when I hit forward or even when I hit forward after using the servo reversing switch for the throttle. After a while it worked like normal but with a different sound but it all of a sudden would not do anything and I have had absolutely no luck since. The servo won't work and neither will the motor. After seeing how much a new receiver/ESC/servo unit costs, I think I am better off buying me a new truck and using the old parts in case I break something.

Basically, what is the best non-turbo motor I can get. I NEVER want to go into the ESC case ever again. I never experienced anything like this crap in 2 years of R/Cing!!

At least I can afford a new one but I am discouraged. :(

2003.06.02, 04:40 PM
i would say the minizracer a-bb, which will be in production again soon hopefully. i've already asked mini z to make some more as i need to order 2 myself.

i have stayed away from external turbos for that very reason...if i could get my steering working correctly, my 2x2 stacked ol would be very nice! not enough for real turbo motors but enough to keep from burning out the pcb through offroad use. i'm more interested in power than speed though.

2003.06.02, 04:42 PM
Ouch, bro. I feel your pain, I definitely feel your pain.

Words of advice:

A BB motor / X-speed = Non-Turbo - There's still a slight risk in some cases.

External Turbo = Skip it. - Too bulky, high risk for non-experienced.

Modified Motor = 12x2 Fet upgrade. = Virtually worry free. If you don't get it from me, please get it somewhere. It pays for itself, and the power gain is like night and day.

3x2 is like having an external. 12x2 is pretty much no motor limit. No sales pitch, just plain proven facts.

2003.06.02, 04:50 PM
It tears me up inside when I see people go through this. :(

But I don't don't think people wanna listen that fet upgrade is the way to go.

2003.06.02, 05:01 PM
i agree....i think it's becoming evident that fet stacks are almost necessary when you plan to abuse your ol...

2003.06.02, 05:46 PM
I hate turbos, they burnd up my first OL. A stack it the way to go.

2003.06.02, 06:23 PM
how much was the a-bb motor when u could purchase it and also can u use dracs mags in it?


2003.06.02, 06:40 PM
Neos are good if you want TONS of torque, which the OL already has. Would be perfect if the OL was 4wd, but that's not the case.