View Full Version : Can your Overland Do this?

2003.06.02, 09:28 PM
My OL Loves to kick up dust towards the competition. I had to take it to an OLchiatrist to figure out why my OL is crazy that way.

2003.06.02, 09:33 PM
thats awsome nml. im getting an OL soon too. i might have to send it in for an upgrade:D

2003.06.02, 09:43 PM
thats a good picture! get that again with it spitting all over a racer, hehe

2003.06.02, 10:26 PM
Originally posted by arch2b
thats a good picture! get that again with it spitting all over a racer, hehe


Thats a cool pic. MR z did a 2x3 stack in mine but something isnt working right so I need to send it back. Im thinking of having him do a 2x6 or 2x8.

Does your stack cause an off the line delay? Beacause my 2x3 seems to and I hate it.

2003.06.03, 11:31 AM
Was the website down? I've been trying to post a picture, but no go.

2003.06.03, 01:02 PM
warnoffroad: sometimes the motor you use can cause a delay. my MZR "M" motor has a big delay while my xspeed has zero delay in the same car. it could be due to the strength of the magnets and the power needed to just turn the armature. b

2003.06.03, 02:59 PM
What motor are you using, Warnoffroad?

2003.06.03, 06:16 PM
I find it dumb to send your OL to someone so they can upgrade your OL stack FET's.

Once you buy the OL you should learn it, buy some FETS off D i n b a l l or wherever and do it yourself. Whats the fun in having someone else stack FET's for you..

2003.06.03, 07:05 PM
because if you screw up...you end up with an expensive paper weight;) . i consider myself fairly skilled and i wouldn't go near the pcb on any of my mini z's. the price of mistakes is too high, not to mention the down time...i'd rather let an experienced person do it, and if somethings wrong, you can blame them;) .

2003.06.03, 07:09 PM
well said, Arch2b. WhitneyP, here's an advice for you since you're gonna do your own fet upgrade, don't order from d i n b a l l. Those fets are weaker, compared to irf7389, which Myster E sells individually.

esaflip@yahoo.com if you need irf7389fets. I suggest 12x2 fet stacks.:D :D :D That should be easy enough for you.:D :D :D

post pics when you're done. I look forward to seeing it.

Ken Mifune
2003.06.03, 07:16 PM
FET stacks aren't hard to do. I say go for it.
besides, it's quicker than shipping it some place and waiting.

2003.06.03, 07:26 PM

I don't think you have a clue how many people I know who have turned their pcb into junk because they wanna do it themselves. Anyway, I'm not saying it's impossible, but it takes practice, patience, skill. You're a skilled person, so for you it's easy.

Anyway, can your Overland do this?:D

2003.06.03, 08:01 PM
Are their any guides on doing a fet stack?

2003.06.03, 08:08 PM
just do a search....you will get more than you'll want;)

2003.06.03, 09:14 PM
Zero delays whatsoever. As soon as I gun it, Pop goes the wheelie.

I don't even have to back up. This is on carpet though. On pavement, I haven't tried yet because I don't have tires with enough traction to pull a wheelie off.

There shouldn't be any delay with any fet upgrade, especially the Fuzion. Power on demand! No sales pitch here, just plain facts.

People must understand that I run my own products/creations, so when I mention Fuzion, etc. It's because I'm using it, not because I'm marketing it. I think I've already introduced it before, and people are aware of it.

Here's more dust to BLiND the competition. (jk BLiND)

Here on the picture, I shot it as soon as I punched it. Absolutely 0 degrees delay, 1000 degrees power on demand!

:D :) :D :D

2003.06.03, 09:19 PM

no delay on my stack either...

2003.06.06, 12:01 AM
Im going to buy them when i get some more money. Its not that hard...just gotta be VERY careful. If i see its too much of a deal, then i won't do it. But i don;t wanna send my OL away to have Dave do it. I trust Dave a lot though. I know he would do a good job. Just rather try doing it myself.