View Full Version : Another Error going to hit Us?

2003.06.03, 02:35 PM
Mini-z, is there something instable in the system?

When I check my mail at home i have about 20 new
reply from the same thread? And i did a short visit
only 3 h. before from work... "Wow, there's something..."
Did I think, but no! All still the same, no new posts?
And now- empty threads and last night - threads
don't exist? Anyone ho have the same going on?


2003.06.03, 04:16 PM
yep, if you have an album...check it too

2003.06.03, 04:26 PM
A little shortage on the MB ;)

Good time for ppl to go back and delete realy old photos of their own they dont realy care if its on the forum or not ;), cuz some of them are put on multiple times ;).

2003.06.03, 09:51 PM
Yep, the site broke through our 1GB (!!) storage space allocation, causing forums, gallery, and email problems. No orders were harmed. Please check your Albums though, and as Drac said, do some spring cleaning if possible. Let us know if you experience any further issues. Thanks!

2003.06.03, 09:58 PM
i did some editing of my collection (albums)...can you restore a back up of my lc album that is now empty?