View Full Version : Do people use NICADS on their OL's?

2003.06.03, 10:15 PM
I'm curious as to what kind of batteries people use.

Replies would be appreciated.

2003.06.03, 10:19 PM
I have 4 sets os ray 700s, and a set of the new PN 780s. They seem to be the same $. I'd go with the PNs, i got mine off eBay for 11 or so.

2003.06.03, 10:21 PM
energizers in all my mini z's

2003.06.03, 11:13 PM
I use my own batteries :D

2003.06.03, 11:38 PM
GP 800s here and I love them :D The performance seams great but I have nothing to compare them to other than Duracells. the run time is great and since I have 2 sets and a 1 hour charger I never run out of batterys. :D


2003.06.03, 11:55 PM
Yea Im loving the GH800 batteries too.:D

2003.06.04, 12:01 AM
Thanks for the reply, guys. I also would like to know if people are more concerned about run time or power?

Since Nicads provide more punch, and NIMH provide longer run time, there's definitely a compromise.

I personally like Nicads over NIMH, mainly because when both have been used quite a bit, the Nicads seem to maintain a lot of its power, whereas the NIMH decreased dramatically. I found this out when I was testing motors.

I'd like to hear your input and thanks in advance.

2003.06.04, 12:04 AM
Hey NML what tires are those on your overland and where did u get them?

2003.06.04, 12:38 AM
Originally posted by BLiND
I use my own batteries :D

I use his batteries.

2003.06.04, 02:20 AM
Lol! Careful using those, you might go BLiND. hehe.

Anyone using Nicads at all? Honestly, I got rid of my NIMH because I love the extra juice that I get from the Nicads. Runtime for me, is not really a concern, since I was into 1/10th scales. You know the deal with the 1/10ths.

2003.06.04, 02:24 AM
Originally posted by NOMOTORLIMIT
Lol! Careful using those, you might go BLiND. hehe.

Anyone using Nicads at all? Honestly, I got rid of my NIMH because I love the extra juice that I get from the Nicads. Runtime for me, is not really a concern, since I was into 1/10th scales. You know the deal with the 1/10ths.

BLiND gave me such a great deal on these batts that I could not refuse, maybe I would be using Nicads if I hadn't gotten these.

2003.06.04, 02:59 AM
I use GP800's (4 sets), Energizer 750's(4 sets), LG 700's(3 sets)and Engergizer 650's.(4 sets) All are NiMh.

I do have a few sets of NiCAD, but as NiCAD's are so tempramental, I couldn't be bothered with them.

2003.06.04, 09:20 AM
I just got started so I only have my Rayovak 700's. They are great. I had to run practically an hour on hardwood and carpet to notice a slight decrease in power on the bottom end but top-speed seemed the same.

I put them in my 2 way radio and left it in for 22 hours so far and it is still showing full juice. Alkalines may have lasted three hours before going dead.

I am looking at the Energizer NiMH 750's next. I am perfectly happy with the way the stock OL runs. With a couple sets of batteries I could last practically all day up at my dirt track. I could set up a tent out there or something.:D

I think NiMH's are just the way to go anymore. New NiMHs are having just as much voltage as NiCd's so with the NiMH's running longer, it is a no brainer. While I haven't tried NiCD's in my Overland, I had both cell types for my 1/10 and the NiMH's were clearly the winners. My NiMH's would do wheelies in my Pede for over 4/5 of the battery while the NiCD's would do them better at first, they would only last 1/4 of the battery. They may keep there peak voltage as long as the NiMH's sometimes but not most times.

NiCd's aren't very consistent and while they are cheaper, in the Mini-Z world, there is not much a price difference. If you can't afford a 10 dollar set of batts, something is not right.

While we are asking questions, I want to know what charger you all use?

I use a Rayovak Universal that can charge 8 AAA's/AA's, or 4 C's, or 1 9V.

It can charge the AAA's pretty fast, maybe 3 hours or so. If you have a couple sets then you won't need to worry as you can run the others as your other set is charging. The fact that I can charge 8 at once is also a timesaver. It peak charges each cell and then shuts off to a trickle charge to maintain the battery voltage. It's a very nice charger.

2003.06.04, 09:42 AM
extreme, read here (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7453&highlight=chargers)

2003.06.04, 09:58 AM
Thanks arch, I don't venture out of the Overland forum much.

2003.06.04, 10:39 AM
it can be overwhelming;) , there is soo much cool stuff though...you really should just read around when you have the time. i spend most of my time in the ol section as well, but i still keep up with the rest....it's easy when you don't watch much tv!

2003.06.04, 10:49 AM
I was checking out the tracks just a second ago. There were some good ideas. I think I will start to take a look around. I will have a lot of free time on my hands this summer.

I think half my post count came from today, lol.

2003.06.04, 06:21 PM
NML what kind of NiCADs do you use?

2003.06.04, 06:40 PM
I use GE/Sanyo 1.25 V. They are the best nicads I've used. Me and another forum member have done comparisons vs. other nicads and these are pretty much the most powerful nicads I've ever used. That person was the one who first discovered them.

I also have the 750 nimh duracell ACCU's (5 sets of four). They are good at first, and later declined in performance.

Now, I gave my nimh to my nephew. I only have 2 sets of NIMH and 7 sets of the GE/Sanyos. I always enjoy the extra juice it gives.

I personally prefer power over run time. I get bored when I feel that the batteries are at a plateau.

2003.06.04, 07:40 PM
hmm maby ill pick up a set i also pefer power over run time
i use NiCADs on all my other rcs

2003.06.05, 10:26 AM
NML, I use GP800 nimh and GP300 nicd...

good thing about the nicd is that you can charge the batts at a higher amp then nimh to give you that punch, I once charged my GP300 at about 1.5amps. They were very punchy but it didn't last long, they dump very quick...

nimh is more consistant with power...

2003.06.05, 08:20 PM
Thanks, PChan.

I think people should have at least one set of Nicads. I'm the other way though.