View Full Version : I can't sleep

2003.06.04, 04:07 AM
Before I go to bed.

2003.06.04, 04:09 AM
alternative to counting sheeps

2003.06.04, 04:11 AM

2003.06.04, 04:12 AM
k, i'm getting tired.

2003.06.04, 04:13 AM
nighty night.

why compete??
2003.06.04, 08:04 AM
Nice photos NML...

I see you are a ROTOR fan, like myself. I was wondering what you had in your RX-3 and if you have any pics of it can i see it please?

I am still going 2 send out my Z to you but not for some time, whats new huh? I need a new PCB a want a F1 untill converted the rate it was AUD$114... So the Z is on hold and the CA$H is getting saved so I can buy, hopefully at the end of the year, a
RX-3 13B... I got my number plate for it alraedy. YCOMPT(why compete) and have big big plans for a 808 look alike RX-3 V8 conversion DRAG...

Sorry for blabbing on but I love MAZDA, my brother has a RX-4 with a FORD 302V8 WINDSOR in it (its in the blood i guess...)

Ok good nignt...

2003.06.04, 06:46 PM
whenever you are ready, WC. I like Mazdas, and I know a lot of you guys over there like 'em too.

I miss my 3. I got the body from the auction bay. but they are ridiculously expensive. $30.00 per body.

why compete??
2003.06.05, 01:09 AM
is that your RX-3 body or the Z body?:confused:

2003.06.05, 01:38 AM
no, bro. Those are FD3s autoscales. This here is the link for my Kawada Mid RX3


hope you like the pics