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2003.06.05, 07:50 PM
There is not much I can do for parts in my area every where i go i run into the same thing ...there is not enough racers to stock mini z stuff. looking for some of the cool rims can i make them out of models from tamihya or something.. is there some type of kit to use for the rear rims or would i have to com eup with my own?

Who Brought the cool kid?

2003.06.05, 10:52 PM
just to let you know this should go in the probably either setups, or custom bodies section.

but in answer to your original question, you can either order some online (the shop here can get you almost anything) or you can basically glue half of a model car rim on to a miniz rim, you then make sure there is a hole in teh center to screw it on, and its done. just make sure you use good glue, and you rough up the surfaces to be joined.;)

hope this helps, and good luck:)