View Full Version : Yeehaw! I got a Mini-Z!

2003.06.06, 11:20 AM
I finally got a Mini-Z i've got it out of the box an hour ago and I already love it!
They are lot smaller and faster than I imagined.


Ken Mifune
2003.06.06, 12:45 PM
That must be a world's record.
A forum member for 1.5 years with 322 posts finally gets a Z.
Does anybody have that beat?

Congrats Zan.

2003.06.06, 01:02 PM
congrats. you chose a very nice body style too. enjoy. b

2003.06.09, 09:34 AM
update: i've allready knocked off both mirrors and glued them back on.

and i ordered the Fujimi CRX kit for a practice body.
I also tried a Lancer Evo 7 kit from Heller.
I've painted it bright yellow and got all small bits on. now for a long H-plate...


Yugo DSC Maxxer
2003.06.17, 07:01 PM
I hade a Mini-Z...but it had a battle with my dad's truck tire.:mad:
Oh well.
I am getting a Focus soon!
Well good luck and have fun!
P.S. What language is that?

2003.06.18, 10:36 AM
what language? my homepage?

it's dutch.
I'm updatingthe code so I can put different languages on it, but that seems to be taking forever...

2003.06.19, 07:16 AM
finished my Honda CRX body

2003.06.19, 08:37 AM
Tof, ik spreek ook nederlands. (ben van Belgie)
Ik heb mijn mini-z al 2 jaar en ik ben hem nog steeds niet beu, maar sinds ik ook een overland heb, staat mijn mini-z toch al een tijdje bewegingsloos op de kast. Je zal nog veel plezier beleven (en veel brokken maken). Pas maar op want brokken=eurootjes foetsie. Veel plezier nog en btw.:je trackmaker is zeer goed

2003.06.19, 09:11 AM
that is one of the nicest kit conversions i've seen! it looks like it fits perfectly.

2003.06.19, 10:33 AM
I'm not the first one to do it.
It's the Fujimi CRX kit. and it does fit perfectly yes!

I cut out a tiny piece of the front wheelarches, the wheels didn't scrape but it was pretty close.
As for the rest, fits without any mods. it's even on the original H-bar!

2003.06.20, 03:55 AM
congrats.... zantrax

man that's a hold out if i've ever heard one... nsx is a good choice...

cool crx too... but here's a bit of advice... the nsx front rims look like they're sticking out a bit.... one crash and well... you might say goodbye servo gear...

otherwise it really looks like a perfect fit... what wheelbase does it use???

2003.06.20, 10:35 AM
it's on the long wheelsbase.
i can just take the NSX body off and put the CRX on.

The wheels only stick out in turns.
but when turning sharp the outer wheel in the corner stick out about 4mm.

2003.06.20, 10:45 AM
It's the turns you have to worry about. Better stock up on servo gears or get the alloy ones. OR a front bumper can help out.;)

2003.06.20, 11:23 AM
I allready ordered a bumper and an alloy servo gear :)
and some wheels, cuz those stoch NSX wheels dont suit te CRX

2003.06.20, 12:03 PM
good move!:D I have busted many servo gears even with the bumper:rolleyes: . Guess I need more pratice in driving;) . The alloy gears I have yet to break. One car has all 3 allow and the other I just (last night) put in the alloy for the 1st only (I have so many 2nd and 3rd plastic ones I need to use them up). I have opened my servo up so many times, I can now do it in my sleep:) .

mini-z racing
2003.06.22, 12:14 PM
Where did you get that kind of radio? the ones in NY don't come like that.

2003.06.23, 11:23 AM
I got it from a dutch online shop...

btw, next body project:

mini-z racing
2003.06.23, 03:20 PM
How much did you pay for it?

2003.06.23, 03:24 PM
179 euro's

2003.06.29, 10:20 PM
nice body choice man....i like it

Ken Mifune
2003.06.30, 01:42 AM
zanthrax, Goodluck with that next body project. I did a similar body. It was a b!tch. When you get "there" call me, I share my info.

2003.06.30, 10:58 AM
I kinda finished it last saturday...

I just need to glue on some of the chrome bits, but i haven't got those!
The kit missed the 2 sprues with the chrome parts, instead I got the sprue
which seems to belong to a Dodge Viper model...

So... it's got sidepipes now :D
I need to figure out how tomake the tail and headlights.

I'll post some pics soon, I maneged to make it fit, The idea was OK but it looks a bit weird because I had to shorten the front fenders a bit and make the body wider.

Ken Mifune
2003.06.30, 12:53 PM
Post some pics!

2003.06.30, 02:17 PM
Pics!! (http://www.zanthrax.nl/index.php?id=52)

go man79
2003.06.30, 02:32 PM
were can i get a good car for a low price :confused:

2003.07.01, 01:20 AM
depends on what you call cheap...
this one was 20 euros, and I got 5 off and a can of beige paint because off the missing parts.

You're mini-z also set you back somewhere between 150-200$ so why so why so cheap?!

If you want to practive modelbuilding first get a smaller 1:32 model. those are a bit cheaper.

go man79
2003.07.01, 12:05 PM
thanks for that ssuggestion:D

2003.07.02, 04:32 AM
Originally posted by zanthrax
I'm not the first one to do it.
It's the Fujimi CRX kit. and it does fit perfectly yes!

I cut out a tiny piece of the front wheelarches, the wheels didn't scrape but it was pretty close.
As for the rest, fits without any mods. it's even on the original H-bar! woah that's awesome! Hopefully it means my fujimi kit will fit too; can't wait to have a mini rc version of my car. :cool:

2003.07.02, 05:37 AM
the fact that the CRX kit fits can be called dump luck...
so if that prelude is gonna fit? i don't know.

mini-z racing
2003.07.19, 05:03 PM
ZANTHRAX...............What hop ups are in your mini-z??

2003.07.19, 05:35 PM
i ordered some stuff, but I canceled that order...
I tried to make a front bumper out of plexiglass.
but that didn't work.

I still want to order some carbon H/O-plates because the rear is far to jumpy.
And i'dd like a balldiff and some beter bearing, i runs straight but when acceleration with full thottle it pulls to one side and it only donuts one way around.

mini-z racing
2003.07.20, 10:22 AM
The ball diff helped me alot.