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2003.06.06, 07:17 PM
I have been inspired by several of your members to create custom bodies, find new ways to tweak, setup and just go in wallet over head buying and upgrading miniz's. :D
This is a wonderful place for the exchange of ideas and information on a global scale. We seem to all share a passion or possession for these marvels of engineering.

This site has saved me hundreds of dollars and "inspired" ;) me to spend those hundreds on better parts from more reputable distributors (This site being at the top of the list). Your unwritten policy of "If we don't have it, we'll get it for you" is the best I've seen in a consumer/service oriented industry.

I have posted several times both to ask and answer questions as my knowledge base grows. Responses tend to be real-time. Sometimes it seems like someone out there is waiting to answer my question. MUCH, MUCH faster response times than typical computer customer support;) .
I have submitted pics for parts in use and requested information on how to set up an album in the gallery to share my step by step photos of custom bodies. I haven't received an answer to that yet, but I understand we all have a "real job":( to support our addiction to these cars.
Overall, outstanding job with the site/shop and Thank you for doing this for all of us.

2003.06.06, 09:08 PM
i second what he said;)

re: the albums.....they are under review as the forum has exceeded it storage space or allocation or whatever you call it. as you might have noticed there was an interruption in service a while ago and a few members albums were emptied, including one album within mine. so please be patient...i'm still hoping mine can be restored as i lost 62 pictures and all the comentary that went along with them.;)

2003.06.07, 02:48 AM
what they said :D

i also think that this site is the best out there........period!!!!!!:)
once i get my enzo (from japan this summer) i will be turning my other car in to a mzr sponsered machine (mainly becasue it would be cool, but also to promote the site at my local track(s) and plus it would be awesome to have a black and red chassis:D

2003.06.08, 11:40 AM
Thanks guys, it's that kind of heartwarming feedback that keeps us going! :) RE the PIU/Album, did you email gallery@ or mini-z@? If the former, Russ is a little bogged down at the moment on his sad 56k connection, so that would explain it. Email me at mini-z@ and we'll get you going! :D

minizmaniac, we've got more red and black on the way, as well as our MZR decals that you may already have seen: