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2003.06.08, 01:17 AM
Ever thought about ways you can improve racing with your buds at the LHS? How about racing with your buds at a Hooters Car show?! That's exactly what a few of us members of Tom Thumbs got to do on this particular weekend.

Roger, a fellow miniz hobbyist, helped organize a Hooters Car Show in East Columbus which was held today Sat. June 8th. Early on he got in touch with us about setting up a track on site and running some races. Without reluctance, we planned out this meeting and come 'show time' we met at a designated place near the hooters diner where an area was aside just for us to set up the track and have at it. The weather was less than ideal (overcast but no rain), but this didn't put a halt to the determined agenda for the day.

John Vallo (forum member- wtgfdbs) brought his portable track (low pyle carpet and some pvc pipes.) while Kyle Keller (latency) brought his portable timer. Unfortunately we couldn't do any timed races but regardless we spent the afternoon doing practice runs with a few 10 lap races mixed in for good measure. The rest of the time we spent checking out the cars, sipping the brew, and just having a good time.

Following are a few pics from this days events:

1. Track set up near the Hooters diner. Pictured is John vallo who
owns the portable:


2. Roger looking on as kyle (latency) and kevin were ordering food for us. Latency i think was having some trouble paying attention to the menu :p ):


3. kyle, mark and kevin at the track:


4. This is me with a Hooters gal. When you got it, you got it!.. just kidding. i snuck this one in while waiting on the others for a group pic:


All in all a nice day i'd say. The lively atmosphere of show cars, people, loud music, beer and good food made for an awesome day for running our miniZs. Definately looking forward to our next 'outside' gathering.

[additional pics of the show can be seen in the link to my album below. sedan series - pages 4 and 5]

2003.06.08, 11:46 AM
Hey, you should have flown the Mini-ZRacer.com banner too! Looks like a blast guys, we need to get more promo events like that going, esp. here in the Motor City!

2003.06.08, 08:41 PM
if it wasn't for our connections (with Roger), this probably wouldn't have happened.

i'll see about including a banner on future meetings.