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2003.06.08, 07:42 PM
Are 'for sale' postings against the forum rules? I thought I read the rules/f.a.q closely. The reason I am asking is two times I have posted a for sale thread and the posts have disappeared with no noticfication of rule infringment.

The first time I though I may have made a mistake and not posted.

I noticed others had posted selling stuff and had not made notice of the large electronic auction site. Then it a thought came to mind. THis forum is associated to r/c sales. It's understandable that the moderators may not favor those selling products. But then I noticed that others were selling stuff...

What gives?

Humbly and the whim of the moderators finger tips...



2003.06.08, 07:47 PM
this is all i could find...read me (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=8113&highlight=rules+on+selling)

2003.06.08, 07:54 PM
i discuss custom work i have sold in a few threads and keep in touch and members informed with the same threads however i always try to conduct the sales portion or discussions regarding the actual transaction through email...

i don't acutally post advertisments for my work (more word of mouth/pictures sort of thing), so my discussions are usually within the threads they pertain to, as apposed to the misc. section. i hope i haven't been infringing on the rules...

2003.06.08, 07:57 PM
arc2b... thank you I found the section pertaining to my posts

2003.06.08, 07:58 PM
i quote

2003.06.08, 07:59 PM
"Any member with under 50 Posts who tries to sell any Mini-Z related items will have the advertising Post deleted by the Mods."

; )

THanks again,