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2003.06.08, 09:34 PM
okay. i just had to. please keep in mind that the ramp was made up of 2 free sampler cardboard CD boxes and 2 rolls of ducttape to stand it up. it was basically 1 cd wide and balanced on the edges of the tape rolls. a little hard to aim for, but i got it done. almost 5 cars long with a short running space. ran out of batts or else you know it would've been farther.



2003.06.09, 12:56 AM
ok I was considering getting an ol and I think your vid pushed me to get one. (i need some reason to tell the girlfriend why I bought and other car) But I want to know what tires you were using when you made the vid. They look a little bigger than the stock.

2003.06.09, 01:25 PM
yeah, those were the GPM wides. still stock height tires with nothing to dampen the landing. the tires give the OL about 30% more contact /patch area. i didn't have my regular tires to put on because it was being raced and flipped over around the track earlier, hopping the pvc pipes and stuff. future jumps are defininitely going to be on the oem stocks or equivalents.

i missed taking vids of the ramp being steep and making the overland shoot upwards and move forward only about 3 inches from the ramp, but it got pretty high.

the vids were with a 2x4 stacks and x-speed w/ 9t pinion. if i used my race OL, it would have gone practically as far as a racer would fly(an honest guess with that limited space of running room and that exact ramp would be about 8-10 cars), but it doesn't have any dampening like this one and the motor mount is a little worked and glued to stay strong since it had to fit the coreless motor. i think the arms that locate the rear would break off......again....for the 3rd time. b

2003.06.09, 02:03 PM
Just a little off-topic but where did you get the 2x4 stack at and do you like it?


2003.06.09, 02:18 PM
Your vids are decent. You should see mine...i house freestyle. I'll post some pics of my OL and some vids of me owning my walls.

2003.06.09, 03:08 PM
xtreme: i did the stacks myself as with my other cars. i think i am going to step it up to a 2x6 or 2x8 very soon. fitment will be the biggest problem so i may redo the board with a remote stack.

whiteyp: cool. post em up when yuo can. i need some new ideas. i am going to do carpet loops/hills next..i think. next weekend i should have a real ramp. b

2003.06.09, 07:32 PM
Pretty good jumps. I didn't realize that the OL could take that kind of a beating. I like the one where you wrecked into the wall. Except, whenever i hit the wall i'm mad cuz i usually break something. Now i really want an overland.:D :D

2003.06.09, 07:40 PM

2003.06.09, 09:12 PM
sky: yeah, crashing is kinda fun when things don't break. i'll post a pic of my landcruiser that actually hit stuff so hard that the paint began spidering(cracking) and the front wheel well bulges out. that is why i don't want to make my pajero too fast top speed wise. my landcruiser is my personal fav and fastest car with the coreless still. i can now keep it from flipping at the end of a 25 foot straight on high grip carpet. gotta run regular miniz wheels though(and chop the gear cover clip). b