View Full Version : Upgrade Chassis(Pro Z & Liquid RC)

2003.06.09, 06:20 PM
I've been thinking about buying one of those new upgrade chassis sow I would like some opinions on wich Is best,
The Pro Z or the Liquid RC.
For now I prefer the Liquid RC but I heard Pro Z was lighter but harder to fine tune.
Tell me your opinions

2003.06.09, 09:38 PM
Between the two, the Pro-Z seems to be a better overall design. Center of gravity is lower, castor is adjusted, overall a solid design. Putting it together isn't easy, but neither is the Liquid Z.

We sold both and heard more positive feedback regarding the Pro-Z.

2003.06.09, 10:07 PM
i have neither (due to track regulations) but of the two designs i think that the pro-z is better for a few reasons,
1) it has very low center of gravity
2) it is more adjustable, and yet it looks fairly easy to adjust
3)liquid z was going somewhere with the low batts but then they just slapped the other two on top, that completly eliminates the low cg idea
4 proz is a simpler design, yes they are both complicated but the pro z is only a few major parts......;)

thats my view on things, you should also check out both of their websites, and check the proz thread;)

2003.06.10, 06:41 AM
Thanks for the replies.
I've heard many great things about the Pro-Z but few on Liquid RC.
Has anyone in here tried the Liquid RC?Do those bateries on top afect the car negatively?