View Full Version : how long did it take to get your pro-z?

2003.06.10, 12:12 AM
just a question to all pro-z owners... read some reviews on the chassis... seems promising... been contemplating on ordering one, but what turns me off is how long these guys actually had to wait before they got theirs... and i believe some are still waiting...

well... all comments welcome in this thread... :confused:

2003.06.10, 04:24 AM
hey zoom...when did you actually place your order??? and how long have you been waiting?

2003.06.12, 02:46 AM
hey zoom thanks for the reply... hope you get your chassis soon...

anybody else order one? pls respond... thanks

2003.06.19, 06:25 AM
hey zoom, did your pro-z arrive?

mini-z racing
2003.07.03, 05:21 PM
What is a pro-Z??? is i just a chassie??