View Full Version : how long did it take to get your pro-z?

2003.06.10, 12:12 AM
just a question to all pro-z owners... read some reviews on the chassis... seems promising... been contemplating on ordering one, but what turns me off is how long these guys actually had to wait before they got theirs... and i believe some are still waiting...

well... all comments welcome in this thread... :confused:

2003.06.10, 03:23 AM
Let you Know in a few days time,pro-z is having to check up on my paypal payment
Seeya Zoom

2003.06.10, 04:24 AM
hey zoom...when did you actually place your order??? and how long have you been waiting?

2003.06.11, 05:22 AM
Hi there i placed the order on the 6/6/03 ,i had not heard from pro-z for a few days then found out he was racing interstate and had not read his email,since then he contacted me to ask for my paypal details and he was going to check up,i have not hear back at the moment he did state he would look at it that dayit is now the 11/6/03 over here,still no reply
Seeya Zoom:(

2003.06.12, 02:46 AM
hey zoom thanks for the reply... hope you get your chassis soon...

anybody else order one? pls respond... thanks

2003.06.19, 06:25 AM
hey zoom, did your pro-z arrive?

2003.06.19, 12:16 PM
Hi m8 ,proz contacted me the other day and was posting it on the 12/6/03,as i live in Austraila ,and with the 14hour time difference ,most stuff i get from th USA takes about 6-7 days if it dosnt come today(Friday here) then should turn up next week,alot depends on the postal service,il post a message up on arrival but at this stage every thing looks normal
Seeya Zoom:)

2003.07.03, 09:03 AM
Hi all has anyone hear from Pro-z of late,ive emailed him but no reply,because i have not got my car yet,he said it was sent on the 12/6 it is now 4/7 ,ive orded other stuff after the 12/6 and already have itfrom other people.Seeya zoom

mini-z racing
2003.07.03, 05:21 PM
What is a pro-Z??? is i just a chassie??

2003.07.04, 03:34 AM
Hi there all i know is that i live in Adelaide,Austraila and it dosnt take 4 weeks to send a small pakage to me,and i still have not had any email from the Pro-Z chassic makers yet,it is starting to angue me:mad: