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2001.11.11, 11:15 AM
How about a national Mini-Z club that is based online?Members could post pics,results,stats online,list which track they race at and which state.And maybe even apply a little sticker or something to identify them at local tracks to other members of this online club.Ideally you'd end up having members representing the club all over the nation!:)

2001.11.11, 12:32 PM
Sounds good to me; could be sponsored my Mini-ZRacer.com too; I have the domain Mini-ZRacing.com set aside for something such as this - what if the club was simply "Mini-ZRacing"? I think we already have all the pieces we need via these Forums, it's just a case of organizing it.

Ruffrydin Z's
2001.11.11, 12:46 PM
That sounds like a cool idea, Just let me know when you get everything going and I'd love to help post and promote it, what ever needs to be done:)

2001.11.11, 02:14 PM
same hear, just say the word and it shal be

2001.11.11, 04:11 PM
Of course I'm in and I'm pretty sure I can promote it in my area.I've been seeing alot of guys with little windshield banners that have their team names on it.:)

2001.11.11, 05:41 PM
How about mounting the Mini Z Racing sticker on the rear windshield?Hehehe we could even get team shirts.:)

2001.11.11, 06:59 PM
who would make them??
how much would we all have to dish out for them??
when can we get them?

2001.11.12, 02:43 AM
Well for the shirts if you make them simple one color shirts they can be around 8-10 depending on how many are ordered.As for the little stickers I haven't thought about where we can get them yet.

Maybe we can make up a simple file where people can download it and print it on some clear inkjet sticker paper.

2001.11.12, 08:33 AM
I got some special laserjet decal paper the other day, so I'll try to make them on that. The windshield idea is good but it might be a bit tricky as each body's windshield is different. It might be easier to have a rear bumper decal or something first. What else do we need to think about then? Is everyone cool with Mini-ZRacing as the name?

2001.11.12, 10:49 AM
I'm cool with the name..I would add the .com on the end of the name so people would associate it with an online prescence.

You may need to set up state chapter leaders and mail stuff to them such as the stickers / shirts and in return these chapter leaders will collect the money and stuff like that.Plus they can help you out witth alot of other stuff if you need it such as taking group pictures of the local members , starting Mini ZRacer events , and promoting the group and sport. So that way it makes it a little easier on you.Very similar how the SCCA is run.

2001.11.12, 01:19 PM
Yeah, good idea; I think this thing has the potential to be huge!

2001.11.12, 07:16 PM
I would say the hardest part is how to set up the structure of the website

2001.11.12, 07:18 PM
Well, before that, what are the goals/missions of the club? Is it just to promote Mini-Z racing? Or is it to eventually have local leagues resulting in national championships? Or what?

2001.11.12, 07:22 PM
I think for now it should be to just promote the club until we're settled then we can start a nationals program

2001.11.12, 07:23 PM
i agrea with hks117, after it is established though there should be national thnigs, and such, maby have the mini-z world champian.

2001.11.12, 07:26 PM
Yeah I just think we should have the structure of the site and club going...Get some posts up and pictures established who the regional people are...Maybe even a little USA map to show which states we're in.Or even how many regions there should be and things of that sort.

And once we've gotten some attention have a Mini-Z nationals...MUUUHAHAHAHAHA!!!:D

2001.11.12, 07:35 PM
So when do we get started

2001.11.12, 08:16 PM
Okay, so what are the elements of the club? A web site, mainly, right? With stats, local "chapter" info, pictures...I'll tell you what, I'm going to create a new Forum for this discussion which will also be the future home for Mini-ZRacing.com discussion...see you there!

2001.11.28, 04:03 PM
hey i think this whole mini-z club thing is a great idea so count me in on this thing

2001.11.28, 06:58 PM
F=MA goes to my same college & lives less than a mile from me, so I guess we can build on the Atlanta area chapter of the club. T-Man lives 30 minutes - an hour, so count him in too :)

Tomorrow (thursday) night will be our first get together, I met F=MA briefly once before at the LHS, but didn't know we'd be meeting again or that he was into mini-z's. I'll be sure to bring the camera & get some video & some pics.

We'll be all like, Yo Vanilla, kick it one time, booyyeeeeee...


2001.11.29, 06:40 PM
Ha, Yeah I met Russ tonight, had some good runs, I'm surprised my 12T'd Mini-Z kept up with his 9T Turbo. Then again he had a buttload more torque than mine did. Indoors or on a small track mine would never survive.

We'll definitely do it again.

When is T-man gonna run with us Russ? I'll also see if I can get my buddy to bring his Mini for a run or two. He hasn't picked himself up rechargables yet, so its tough to get him to do anything with it.

2001.11.29, 07:30 PM
Mabye he could answer that better himself?? :D Probably after he gets his Blue Beast built up and running.

Sorry everyone, forgot the camera, but we'll get together again this weekend. I am SOOOOO hungry right now, those corndogs are calling my name.

And so begins the Atlanta area races!!

C ya!

2001.12.20, 03:34 PM
This sounds like a great idea! Regarding shirts, the easiest thing would be to set up an account at www.cafepress.com and submit a design for them to use. Make the shirts at cost ($13.99) and then whoever wants one gets a professionally printed shirt that is fade-resistant and can be ordered in any size or quantity.

What would be really great would be perhaps some sort of membership package that would give preferred recognition to club members and discounts on parts and services.

There could be a design competition regarding the logo and the winner could get a free shirt or something like that.


2001.12.20, 04:17 PM
The design competition idea is great; we're working on one, how many other people are interested?

2001.12.20, 06:16 PM
This was just something I threw together in 20 min... obviously the font and color choices are just there for clarity's sake.

I have the origional Photoshop file with layers if anyone wants it.


2001.12.20, 07:32 PM
This is pretty much the finished product unless someone has a suggestion.

2001.12.20, 11:56 PM
Hey, that's really good! I'll set up the domain so that it automatically redirects to this thread. Starting next year I'll have more time to dedicate to this cause so we can really get it going.

2001.12.21, 01:28 AM
suggestion for logo -

have the z more horizontal... it almost looks like the letter "n" :D

2001.12.21, 02:30 AM
Originally posted by HKS117
How about mounting the Mini Z Racing sticker on the rear windshield?Hehehe we could even get team shirts.:)
hey that sounds hella cool!!!
mini-z make some decals and we'll all put it on our car:D

2001.12.21, 02:49 AM
free advertisement for you ;)

2001.12.21, 07:17 AM
Will do later tonight, also realized that there is a dash between mini and z, so that'll be put in too.


Originally posted by herman
suggestion for logo -

have the z more horizontal... it almost looks like the letter "n" :D

2001.12.21, 10:18 AM
I've already got the decal paper, just waiting for the choice of final design; it won't be advertising for us, it will be for the club, mini-zracing.com (not mini-zracer.com, but sponsored by). I will be making mini-zracer.com decals too though!

2001.12.21, 03:44 PM
actually...i dont think thats a good idea unless u own mini-zracing.com whenever people see an interesting URL then theyll try to get to it. and if that doesnt exist or someone else owns it then theyll be confused ...sorta like this :confused: ...so ya :D

2001.12.21, 03:46 PM
whoa whoa whoa hold up a sec. u DO own it? apparently it goes right to this thread! cool:)

2001.12.21, 05:54 PM
I wouldn't have mentioned it if I hadn't already bought it! ;)

2002.01.04, 11:38 PM
Hey Mini-Z,
You really need to get working on the Mini-Zracing.com site so that I can start spreading the word here in Birmingham, AL. I know of at least one LHS that sells the mini-Z's here in Hoover. He can order any freq and body that you want. Let me know when we get the site rolling and I will see if the owner will let me post a couple of posters in the shop. He also says that they have sold a good many for Christmas gifts so I KNOW there are people out there looking for a home on the net to get their fix at work like myself. And also he says that he does not know of any tracks for the mini's in town so I will see if I can hit him up for a spot to race on Saturdays or something and show you GA boyz how to get a groove on the track!

2002.01.07, 08:44 AM
Cool! I'm hoping to have the new site started within the next few weeks, will of course let everyone know when it's ready.

2002.01.13, 08:47 AM
www.amzra.org will be up this coming week sometime.

That is the American Mini-z Racing Association.

We just created the domain so it will be a few before the dns servers make the switch and so forth.

if you have any questions feel free to email me or IM me. We will be creating a membership in the future with discounts, prizes, etc....

2002.01.13, 10:22 AM
Cool! Can you tell us a bit about it since the site isn't up yet?

2002.01.14, 03:51 PM
sure, in the begining its going to be just a place to talk about miniz and so forth. We will be working on getting sponsorship from various vendors, manufacturers etc.. we are hoping to make this a very large club with regional meets etc...

I have attached the logos for you guys to check it out and see what you think

2002.01.14, 03:55 PM
btw, we will be needing volunteers for articles, news, forum moderators etc... so if there are any volunteers please let me know. Currently the staff is experienced with building an online based club with regional and national meets, however we can't do it all ourselves so if there are any dedicated people out there interested please step forward.


2002.05.22, 04:09 PM
I can try and help you.

2002.06.11, 04:34 PM
do we have to be there to help? I have all kinds of free time but can't go anywhere.:p

2002.06.30, 08:35 PM
check out www.i-club.com

it is a national subaru owners club. we have state meetings and other stuff like that.

2002.07.01, 02:00 PM
hay mini-z can you put out a notice like an E-mail that i am acsepting E-mails of people that wont to be in a world wide club and thay need to send me something saying the name and state and a pic of the car and im going to put it all together on a web seight and thats going to be the start of the

2002.07.01, 05:13 PM
I'm in, the concepts good, get it developed.

I have some documents showing the classes we were going to use. They may be of interest. Let me know.

2002.07.01, 11:56 PM
damn straight, i been here since the beginning, i want in!:D

2002.07.02, 07:11 PM
Well, Mini-ZRacing.com is the international Mini-Z club - we just need to figure out what that means, what we want to accomplish, etc.

2002.07.09, 03:27 PM
So are u guys going to have Regulation size tracks and stuff like that? And different classes like Super Stock, stock, modded, and super modded? Like people make the exact same tracks. Then send in your race times(How long it took to et aroung the track). And Compete.

2002.07.09, 07:18 PM
MATT, these are certainly ideas we'd like to see happen, it's a matter of organizing etc. at this point.

2002.07.29, 09:39 PM
If you guys haven't picked a way to do the club website yet...

www.postnuke.com <== the most widely used Content Management system in PHP so far...

go to www.minizworld.com for an example.

2002.07.29, 10:20 PM
ScottMcLeod, yep, PostNuke is great, this is a really good idea for the club site...as soon as we get the club rolling!