View Full Version : Overlands on the RCX Overland track!

2003.06.10, 10:53 AM
Had the pleasure to play with my overland and a couple others on the RCParties (www.rc-parties.com) overland track this past weekend! He also brought out his on-road track (the "bridge" track from the RCX show - minus the bridge) and it was a great day of mini-z bashing for all!

Here's some videos of mine, and Akura's overlands on the track


*note* the batteries in my Mini-Maxx were dead by the time those vids were taken, but when I went to a fresh set I also took my monster kit off, but I didn't have a diff-lock plate with me, so I was getting stuck in some of the ruts. But the truck was quite a bit quicker with fresh batteries, if you've seen my other video's you'd know the speed, too much for that little track, but still tons of fun! ;)

Akura2's overland was all hooked up on that track, he borrowed some oversized knobby tires from me, and coupled with his diff-lock plate being in, his overland owned that track!

Both clips are less than 1meg I believe, so should be a reasonable download for all.

2003.06.10, 01:06 PM
LOL blind.. that looks like you had one or two beers before you sat behind the wheel.. just kidding.. :P

..seriously really nice vids.. that track is so cool!

2003.06.10, 04:47 PM
...you guys really need to quit posting Overland stuff on this site...

Here is why...every time you do, YOU FRIGGIN make me want one more!!! I already have 2 sedans and an F1 and I can not come up with a justification to get this past the wife! :)


That track is amazing...how heavy is it? Looks very realistic, wonder how they made it.

2003.06.10, 05:16 PM
track is awesome. A little too small for the power of my OL. So much traction that my OL pops wheelies even just by tapping the throttle.

Fun though, and cool vids, Blind.

I just have to say this one: Monster tires, but lacking horsepower. LOL!!! I'm messin with you and Akura2 bro.

2003.06.11, 05:17 AM
Originally posted by turtle@mini-z
LOL blind.. that looks like you had one or two beers before you sat behind the wheel.. just kidding.. :P

..seriously really nice vids.. that track is so cool!

actually close enough, it was ~90`F at the time, late afternoon (around 4 or 5pm) and I had been up since 4:30am that morning, and had done a full day of racing at a track which is a 2 hour drive from my house, the mini-z playing was a stop off on my way home!

Don't think I could have passed a sobriety test...lol!

2003.06.11, 09:26 AM
Hey Blind, that looks like a cool day,BTW what batts. should i get to run in my mini-z's? I bought a saddle pack from you for my micro. Can I order from you? After all you the battery master.... Thanks

2003.06.11, 03:23 PM
any AAA batteries work bro, lol.

I use some 700mAH AAA's and they work great, you can pick some up for fairly cheap at any local supermarket type store, I would offer to sell some AAA's but I dont carry them at the moment, haven't decided whether to get more or not just yet...