View Full Version : Yow David?, you ain't recieving my emails?

2003.06.10, 05:17 PM

You still need to get $15 from me man :eek:, it's been a while!, ur getting back $20 ok? I do have a creditcard now!!!

Ooh and you had some front-foam F1 tyres in backorder for me?, you were gonna send em to me if I payed you and then ur bank asked extra transaction costs (those $15), dunno why but I'll pay em!

Sorry for the long wait, I got reaaallly busy with school, I didn't had time for my hobby, sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry :(

2003.06.18, 12:30 PM
Where is David?, his last post on the forums was @ 06-08 :(, are there serverprobs again or something?