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2002.01.15, 07:48 PM
We're all getting NiMHs and chargers, but we were wondering: Do you need to run the batteries all the way down before charging them? Y'know like those ol' 9V Makita Drills?

Of can we just charge 'em any ol' time?

2002.01.15, 07:59 PM
Nimh does not have the "memory effect" issues that Nicad batteries have. Some argue that Nicad have more PUNCH but Nimh can be charged without discharging the battery all the way down. Most members on this forum (but not all) use Nimh.
ru_crazy :cool:

2002.01.15, 08:57 PM
Unless the battery starts acting funny, you will know it ;) -- dont bother to discharge them... once the car starts to slow down... just put them on the charger, never let them just sit after draining them either.

So far Rayovac 1 hour charger works pretty good.

2002.01.15, 08:57 PM
I found the Rayovac PS4 (1hr. NiMH charger) for $29.95US at a local Target store and 2 sets of NiMH AAA batteries for $10.97US each. What a great combination for NON-STOP fun with the Mini-Z!:p

2002.01.15, 09:50 PM
I'm using Kodak 1.5V is that gonna break my motor?

2002.01.15, 09:53 PM
Alkalines, the type mentioned to use in the Mini-Z manual and every official place are 1.5 volts. 1.2v is just as good, not realy much of a difference. its the 3 volt Lithium AA Sizes cells that are not realy AA you have to watch out for, cuz that will put 12 volts through yer car, its only a 6 volt system. And the expensive speed control board is the part that would fry first if too many volts or amps were fed through it.