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2003.06.11, 10:22 PM
The second season of racing at TTs has finally arrived and is scheduled to begin this Saturday June 14th. The series will be held every other weekend on Saturday afternoons typically starting at 1:00. As it was before, Four Rounds will complete the series for this second season


Each of four rounds will be run on different layouts thereby mimicking different locations for each race. Various designs have been under consideration with the final decision to be made most likely during this first meeting.


Pending any changes, there will be three classes run this season:

Modified Sedans
Modified F1s
Slightly Modified Stock Rally

There are no box stock, outlaw or non MiniZ classes (ie 24th scale). Details for each class are thoroughly documented and are available to the members. For interest of space they are not included here.

There are no separation of classes by skill level so novice and experienced race together.


$5 base fee for one car entry
$3 for each additional car entered
Practice is Free

All fees collected go toward trophies awarded at the end of the season.


Each class will have 5 minute qualifying heats to determine TQ and grid positions for their respective 8 minute Mains. The laser counting system is set up for 6 cars max to qualify or race at any given time. In the event more than 6 cars register for a class, the qualifying heats are arranged where two groups ( A and B mains ) are created from the qualifying heats.

Channels 1-6 are only allowed during competition. Except for open practices, there are no reversing of crystals.


Qualifying- 1 point awarded to the top runner of each qualifying heat.

TQ- 2 points given for pole position

All 8 Minute Mains

1st- 20 pts
2nd- 17 pts
3rd - 15 pts
4th- 14 pts
5th- 13 pts
6th- 12 pts

Points are awarded based on ‘position’ held in the race when the Main is finished. All racers therefore who start on the grid will earn points (regardless of DNF). This is to keep the standings close and avoid any ‘run-away’ point earners.


Racing is on an indoor carpet track with multiple outlets and pit tables accessable. Option and replacement parts also available on site.

It is common knowledge that all participants race cleanly and responsibly. Racers are expected to bring their own equipment necessary to race.

At the close of a race day, the top three finishers from each class are recognized by having their [car] pics taken on the celebration podium to be posted later in the final race report of the day.

With the experiences collected from the first season, this upcoming series should prove to be very exciting especially with the debut of the Rally class. Stay tuned for updates as the season progresses.

[info above are subject to updates without notice]

2003.06.11, 10:35 PM
...I hear that Latency guy really flies! ;)

I am currently scrambling to fix my F1 by Saturday, I should be able to fabricate some of the broken parts...