View Full Version : Im Back!

2003.06.12, 07:54 PM
School's coming to an end in a week or so, when the state regents are over. Since that stuff will be over for about 3 months, that leaves me plenty of time to come back with news on some products, and updates on my car. I'm waiting on Mini-Z (hes very busy lately) so when you have a chance Mini-Z, give me a note to denali172@yahoo.com when its a good time to send my injured Z to yeh. Also, I should be back up on TinyRC soon too with my Digi-Q, Bit Char-Gs (one awaiting 2 more batteries, my Auto Modellista chassis, which is also fitted to Zip Zap motors which usually run on less voltage...) Oh, and Pitzon, is your 360 for sale yet? ;) :p

2003.06.13, 08:16 AM
Welcome back! :)

2003.06.13, 08:31 AM
long time no see;)