View Full Version : stock motor=safer?

2003.06.13, 11:01 AM
I'm in the process of putting larger tires on my ol (not tamiya monsters but somewhere in between those and stock). If I want to avoid fet meltdown do you guys think i should use the stock motor over my x-speed? do they draw the same current or am i screwed either way.....

2003.06.13, 12:28 PM
i think you run the risk of burning a fet either way, but more so with the x-speed (probably).

2003.06.13, 07:48 PM
thanks arch, i finished the conversion and my ol seems a little stressed. the tires are from a new bright stomper type thing mounted on mini-z rims with about an inch of 3/4" copper tubing slipped over the rim. they look sweet but putting my ol in jeopardy of melting makes me nervous. It's funny that driving it off my stairs or through mud into a tree doesn't make me feels the same way.......;)

2003.06.15, 02:45 AM
I got a Xspeed recently. It is a lot faster then i thought especially its "pick up". Its gains speed fast and i can't even go over half throttle because it will become too uncontrollable in my narry hallways! Very fun indeed.