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2002.01.16, 01:17 AM
look under RC
these tires are from my Mini 4WD cars. I drove around with these tires and the car is Super on the Rail. Does not slide slip or drift. I have to learn how to drive my car again cuz the tires grip so much:eek: I was driving with 1.5V Kodak photo batteries and stock motor. I haven't opened my X Speed yet:D

SSJ Char
2002.01.16, 02:06 AM
resin? as in the hard rocklike material that some models are made of?

2002.01.16, 05:15 AM
I think that's reston sponge.
Atleast the front blue tyres look very familiar.
Those things are the only thing that have any kind of grip on the plastic floor material I race on. On carpet the grip is fantastic :D


(today I seem to be able to edit my post.. maybe it's the sun spots or something)

2002.01.16, 08:23 AM
Hi All,

for those who wish to be running their cars with 'foam tires', the reston tires are the same thing. Tamiya had the little 4wd slot cars which use these reston tires and the tires fit the Mini Z perfectly and are only $5 AUSD!!!! And they last for a while, so why not invest in a set for better stablility and traction???


2002.01.16, 09:45 AM
Do you have a part number?

2002.01.16, 09:47 AM

sorry I do not have a part number. They are readily available in normal toy shops that sell spare parts for the Tamiya Hyper Racers and also ************ sell them if you live in the States.

Hope this helps.


PS - I can purchase mine at the local toy shop, so I'm not sure where you'd have to go (you do'nt have to look very far). :cool:

2002.01.16, 09:56 AM

2002.01.16, 10:16 AM
PS - I can purchase mine at the local toy shop, so I'm not sure where you'd have to go (you do'nt have to look very far).
Wouldn't that be grand...
I had to get a friend in the states to get a bunch for me and air mail it.
Mini 4WD didn't take off around here so the stuff isn't imported. As is the case with mini-z hop ups. Some comfort is that Kyosho stuff is plentifull, but no 3rd party stuff at all.
Whine whine :mad:
According to my LHS mini-z:s sell pretty well, mostly to ppl in the IT line of work as office toys.

I e-mailed a couple of RC-clubs around my area, basicly they laughed their ass off.. "Listen kid (I'm 26, ha!) go buy yourself a real car and THEN come to our track, those mini-z are kid's toys"

Now I stop whining


2002.01.16, 11:22 AM
yeah sorry its not resin its reston sponge tires.
I think you guys can order it from Tamiya. Try checking www.tamiya.com

2002.01.16, 12:43 PM

which one of those fit? none of the diameters match up with the stock rims on my CLK.

2002.01.16, 01:46 PM
the 9mm would fit the front cuz thats what i'm using.
Let me try the back and I'll get back to you

2002.01.16, 01:48 PM
the 14mm in the rear is too wide so if you want to use the wide tires for the rear you'll have to trim it.

2002.01.16, 02:09 PM
you must be stretching the tires to get them over the rims. my rims measured 20mm across where the sponge tires have a inner mesurement of 17mm

2002.01.16, 05:25 PM

The width of the CLK rim is: 11mm, measured with a Vernier Caliper. Minus 1mm for the inside lip.

The diameter is 20mm, but sponge and rubber tyres should stretch and fit.
I actually use a thin double sided tape to ensure they dont crawl off the rims under race conditions, when I say thin, I mean 0.01mm. Availabe from most hobby outlets.

I have various compounds for the CLK rears and they all have an inner diameter of 17.0 - 17.5mm.
I don't use the standard rims - too lightweight and the CLK's front rims are extremely fragile. Russ has some nice pics of what can happen to them under 'race' conditions.

Go to the 'cars and Drivers' Forum and you'll see some race prepped Minio-Z CLK's


2002.01.17, 12:18 AM
I have tamiya restons on my CLK (as I have repeatedly told)
The narrow mini4WD tyres fit the front perfeclty (after you remove the ringde) You have to strech them quite a bit to fit the mini-z rims but I strongly suggest you tape them on with the tape supplied in the set or 3M double sided.
Same applies to the rear but you have to trim the tyre.
I removed the ridges from all rims before mounting the tyres, I have another set of rims if I need rubber tyres.
For the TT I made front tyres by cutting one of the wide mini4WD tyres in half.