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2003.06.16, 02:02 AM
Hi guys,

I just bought a GPM external turbo and im wondering where will i put the wires for the battery terminal without seeing it stick out of the chassis. Based on the manual, it said that I only clip it on the side of the battery terminal but Im having problems when I put my body on to it because the wiring blocked the clips already? do you have any pics where you can show how to attach it?


2003.06.16, 03:16 AM
I hope this helps!

2003.06.16, 03:20 AM
picture with arrows

2003.06.16, 03:27 AM
thanks dude, that's what I did already...im just wondering how it was done on this Z..(see attached pics)

2003.06.16, 04:01 AM

kamustasa kabayan!!! well the pic you post looks kind of vague... i don't know where they put them...

my guess is that he put a slot under the chassis or something...

if you really want it neat, open up the chassis, and solder the wire to the battery supply on the inside... black to black (neg to neg) and red to red (pos to pos)... done it to one of my cars...
it works and looks neat...

off topic... where do you run your z?

2003.06.16, 08:03 AM
herman is right. This is what we do and it looks the neatest and the wires don't come out from the body. You need to take the top cover off and remove the PCB. then remove the two screws from the back of the chasses to get the black and red wires out. You can double stack the turbo with these or solder the red to red and black to black. soldering is the best but you don't have to. Then put the pcb back. you will need to make 2 notches in the cover for the wires to go through (a little bigger than the notch for the antenna) and your turbo is directly wired to the power inside the chassie instead of on the outside. good luck.

2003.06.16, 08:09 PM
Thanks for the idea... i noticed that the OL have the battery terminals on the front of the chassis whereas the racer is on the back (near the motor output)... I want to install the external turbo on my overland, just needed some inputs if the other guys also put the turbo wires (for the battery) up front...

2003.07.02, 03:06 AM
Hey, I rewired like the other picture...it was pretty easy. I drilled out a hole for the battery wires and connected them in the bottom of the chassis. There are 2 terminals down there that are easy to solder to. They are big.

Here is the finished deal.

2003.07.02, 07:14 AM

Check out my post in this thread:


Wiring an external turbo to an OL is easier than fitting one to a Racer - ONCE you've worked out where the wires go :)