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2003.06.16, 10:02 AM
Race Report TT COLUMBUS- Saturday June 14, 2003

Anxious. the best word that can describe everyones feeling as this second season of miniZ racing got underway. After a one month recess from Season I, all members were ready to race once again for points. Defending Season I Champion Mark Saunders starts the season right by taking top podium for both mod sedan and stock rally. John Vallo comes up with an upset finish in the F1 class debuting with his Jordan F1 entry.

(defending champion Mark Saunders)

(warm up laps in the mod sedan main)

Visiting racer Kevin Hicks (aka Kev71h) from San Jose, California joined the mayhem entering his mod F1. With foam tires and towering stack of 12 FETs, his open wheeler was a screaming demon. It was great to have him race with us.

(kevins mod F1 with anti pipe-spearing bumper posts)

This season the rally class made it's debut as an addition to the championship series and proved to be an experience to remember. The excitement of this first day didn't come without problems as we encountered difficulties with the laser counter. Rather than having the computer register our times we had to resort to manually entering each car as they passed the start/finish. a little tedious but it's all good. better than nothing at all.

The following is the partial standings from this round reflecting only the podium finishers for each class. This will be updated pending confirmation of remaining positions:



TQ- mark saunders

8 Minute Main

1st- mark saunders (clk)
2nd- kyle keller (modena)
3rd- john vallo (nsx)


TQ- mark saunders(williams)

8 Minute Main

1st- john vallo (jordan)
2nd- mark saunders (williams)
3rd- abe delacruz (mclaren)


TQ- mark saunders(custom rally porsche)

8 Minute Main

1st- mark saunders (custom rally porsche)
2nd- john vallo (suburu wrx)
3rd- kyle keller (suburu wrx)


(name-alias-mod sedan entry- mod F1- stock rally)

mark saunders (skrogger)- original tiele clk, williamsF1, custom rally porsche
john vallo (wtgfdbs)- custom nsx, jordanF1, suburuWRX
kyle keller (latency)- ferrari modena, jordanF1, suburuWRX
abe delacruz (westf1)-[no sedan entry], mclaren, ford focus
jason vicars (bigvxxx)- castrol nsx, ferrari01, lancer evo
rodney jones (hckyft)- warsteiner clk, [no f1 entry], datsun skyline rally
kevin neff (BLING20")- custom clk, [no f1 entry, [no rally entry]
kevin hicks (Kev71h)- [no sedan entry], mclaren, [no rally entry]

congrats to the podium finishers for this Round. A great opening day to say the least. Round Two is scheduled to take place in two weeks, Saturday, June 28

[Note- Not all alias are in this website. additional pics of this round can be seen in my album link below]