View Full Version : Attn. Brisbane City Area Mini Z Racers~!

2002.01.16, 08:41 AM
Hi to All Brisbane City area Mini Z owners,

my friends and I would like to be able to start a Mini Z or any Mini RC Car Club in the Brisbane City area (either at Toowong, for the after hour use of the roof parking lot which is totally flat and crackless. So our cars will not be damaged).

Club meetings will be held on Saturday afternoons and on Sunday (all days if possible), as for both, we may be restricted by weather conditions during different seasons.

The club will be free for all racers who are serious about racing their Mini RC Cars (racing pylons will be made by me but would be greatly appreciated for anyone who has time to cut out pylon's and paint them red and white from empty 1.25L coke bottles). Catagories will be made for the following:
*Mod. (restrictions will be made - turbo's and SHO Motor or anything similar to that)
*Open (no restrictions)
*"Bit Charger"
*And any other radio control cars provided that it does not exceed the 1/24 scale limit.

All ages will be welcome to join this club and it would be greatly appreciated if you could send an email to me on jchang_12@hotmail.com to show your interest in this club. People willing to join who has medical experience would also be very welcome (as it is always best to have someone who has medical knowledge IF anything happens).

Work tables for cars will have to be brought by racers (as we are currently unfunded).

Cheers and please drop me an email. Thanks~!!!!:D

2002.01.16, 05:29 PM
Hi Justin,

I am only 1200 klms away.
If your ever in Canberra give let me know.


2002.01.20, 07:40 PM
Hey Justin

I'm up in Toowoomba
but I don't think I would make it down there ....wife, kids.....you know

I work at the uni am going to try to entice a few student into buying a mini and run some lunch time racing though.
Out of curosity are you going to run a separate F1 class cause that is what I am running

lots of luck with your club

keep posting information though
cause you never know when I might be down in Brisbane for the weekend

hey where do buy you mini stuff from?
I have only had my F1 a week bought it from H/Kong about $60AUD cheaper
than local


2002.01.21, 05:47 AM
Seems where all over this damned country, but not in the same place :P

Anyone from the perth area into mini-z racing lemme know :)

2002.01.21, 07:10 PM

at the moment, I too have purchased SOME of my Mini Z parts from overseas (Taiwan). They are about 1/4 of the price compared to here. Here - I get my parts from Hobbyrama and Hobbyone and also Mr Toys (friends work there):D

When would you be holding your lunchtime races - please let me know - I'd love to join in except I'm running a normal Mini Z... And yes Terry - I would love to be able to have a F1 race - why - they are fast and funny to watch when you crash them (no offence to people who do crash their cars and destroy them in the process)... :eek:

Best of luck Terry - keep in touch...

Cheers - Justin

2002.02.14, 01:25 PM

I've never been to Australia, however, I'm going over there next summer for three weeks, and I plan on bringing my (soon to be purchased) Mini-Z with me. I have a question for you.

How far from New Farm is Toowong? the house I will be living in is right on the riverbank in New Farm, and I have no idea what towns are around New Farm. And are there any Mini-Z shops nearby?

2002.02.14, 02:51 PM

New Farm is only about 10 minutes max from my place (near Toowong)... I can go over and pick you up if you'd like me to. I'll give you my contact number so once you reach Australia - you can call me and I can arrange a time to take you to Toowong (on the weekend to muck around on there) and I'll take you to the biggest hobbyshop for Mini Z (Hobbyrama, over at Stafford which is about 40 minutes by car from Toowong)...

Send me an email and I'll get back to you asap (as my computer is on almost 24 x 7)... Drop me an email or PM me and I'll get back to you asap. I'd love to meet another Mini Z person here in Australia (as there are quite a few, but many just drive by themselves..... :()

Anyway - my email address is jchang_12@hotmail.com. If you like - I can arrange accomadation (which is right in front of my unit block along the river) at St. Lucia (which is 1 street across from Toowong).....

If you require any help - I'll be more than happy to assist you...


2002.02.18, 01:00 PM

I'm amazed at how accomodating you are!! That is really cool of you to offer a ride and arrange accomodations. Thanks a lot. I will be in Australia probably in July of next year, so it is a long time from now. But I'd like to check out that hobby shop and chill with a fellow Mini-Zer while I'm there. Also, I already have accomodations in New Farm (My Grandad's house), so that's taken care of.

Thanks for responding! :)

2002.02.18, 03:34 PM
No problems RallyNut,

just give me a yell when you're here in Australia....


2002.02.19, 10:06 PM
I will do so.

2002.06.27, 08:41 PM
Hi Justin

just thought I would let you know that we are starting to get a little momentum going with our club at the Uni in Toowoomba.
We have 4 F1 cars turning up regularly. We race on a Wednesday lunch time in a spare room.
We put a 4m x 7m sheet of synthetic canvas on the vinyl floor to get some grip. It doesn't work too badly it does tend to get bubbles in it but it doesn't effect the cars too much at all.
We use mini trucking and sand draft excluders for barriers but in process of getting MDF for kerbs.

So we are having a lot of fun. Anyone interested in having a look let me know. I am regularly bringing in Mini-Z stuff so if you want something let me know.

How is you club going in Brisbane?

BTW the F1 cars have proven to be very robust ....so far.. :-)


2002.06.27, 09:04 PM

I am one of the 4 drivers that race with TTT at the Toowoomba Uni.

I would be interested in poping down to brisbane to check out the scene. I assume you are only racing the street ones.

I currently have a Jordan F1 but giving some thought to getting a street version (if I can find some people to race with)..


2002.06.28, 02:34 PM
Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, the Mini-Z club didn't turn out the way it was meant to have... Most people either couldn't make it or they ended up selling their cars. As for me - I fried the electronics twice on mine for some unknown reason, and I've been busy with uni, work and the girlfriend so I'm um - hmmm a little busy for toys for my own enjoyment:(

Never the less - I hope your club goes better than mine. Also, we were going to have an F1 section but only 1 person had an F1 so it didn't kinda work out for him. The rest of us have the standard Mini-Z's, but obviously - all guys will mod their little cars:)

Hope all goes well for you and if I have a chance - I'll let you know if I can pop over and have a look.


2002.06.28, 07:36 PM
We decided from the begining to run stock.

So all our F1's are completely stock except for bearings, that way we run a level playing field. Also I think we kind of decided that we would only run F1 as we think they are faster (:-) ) and they have a servo saver and brake...


2002.06.29, 08:07 AM
Hey Justin

too bad about the club
I know its difficult to get club things going. We have started real small, lunch hours are good people haven't anything much else to do, as opposed to weekends. That was the problem with my 1/10 electric, the club in Twmba ran on Sundays which wasn't too family friendly so I hardly ever went.
I reckon I drove my Mini-z more in the first month I had it than the 2 and half years that I had my 1/10.
I have been bringing stuff in from overseas to keep things cheap. Thought I would put some stuff on Aussie EBay like a williams F1 and some ball diff's bearing x-speeds F1 tyres etc but have been underwhemled by the response. So if anyone is interested check it out (it finishes Sunday Morning) so be quick

If you are doing nothing on a Wednesday you should come up and check us out and we could give you a drive in a 4 car race at least.



2002.07.02, 07:25 PM
Maybe we can do a live internet simulcast... :D