View Full Version : Pajero Overland Roof

2003.06.18, 01:34 PM
Can any of the many Pajero Overland owners scan the roof of their Pajero at 100%? I need this to scale my new roof rack designs for my soon to be white Pajero as i don't have it yet and don't expect to receive it for awhile. I'd like to have the roof rack and everything else finished by the time i receive it to save me some time.
you can email it to me or attach it here. will it get rescaled if attaching it? ...possibly provide some dimensions as well just in case. thanks:D

2003.06.19, 08:20 AM
No Pajero owners with a scanner.....?:(

2003.06.19, 09:45 AM

I don't have a scanner, but I can measure the area with a Wernier Caliper, if this would be of any help.
Let me know, I can only do it in Metric.

2003.06.19, 10:10 AM
if you could do that, i would appreciate it;) . the critical dimensions are the length and width and locating any countours (as there are on the pajero) so i can make sure i don't have a post on flat roof in one spot and over a depression in another. also maybe the height of the curve of the roof. basically detailed sketch of the roof....i'm sure you understand what i'm looking for. i have a calculator that will do unit conversions...so metric is fine.

if anyone can still send me a scan...please do. this would be a bonus for me!