View Full Version : How's the M'z Stock Motor?

2003.06.19, 11:39 AM
It says the motor has superior performance to the X-Speed but costs a lot less. It is only 10 bucks so it sounds a little too good to be true. Does anyone have this motor and what do you think?

I may buy it anyway, it's only ten bucks and since my stock motor wore out, as long as it isn't slower than it I am happy.


2003.06.19, 12:11 PM
i bought one, but i put it in my brothers racer. it is faster than stock and for 10 bucks, you can't go wrong. i don't have an x-speed so i can't compare them, but for the cost...it's worth trying other motors as they are all typically cheaper than the x-speed and all attempt to be/are faster than the x-speed.

mini z said more a-bb's are in production....still waiting for info on his overland motor in development.

2003.06.19, 12:39 PM
Thanks. How much faster is it? Is it a pretty noticeable increase. I don't need too much since my friend is getting an OL and we wanna keep em pretty even.

2003.06.19, 05:53 PM
OK Thanks. I might do that, I am unsure. Does anyone know where to find the GPM Idler other than ebay? I need one bad because one of my idlers went out, but not totally and the other one I believe may be working on puking out on me. It does fine until I get on rough terrain then I hear clicks every now and then. I have been doing wheelies in the house all day though seeing if the gear would click but I haven't heard it once. It may have been something else I heard, I don't know but it sounded like the previous clicking deal.

I think the Idler will have to come first to keep me at ease. I jumped my OL over 3 feet in the air today, I had a blast.

2003.06.20, 02:55 AM
Definitely get a XSpeed. Since dave/mzr isn't getting in any ABB's anytime soon get the Xpseed. I went ahead and bought it and I am totally satisfied! It gives you mad acceleration and a lot more punch. Its definitely worth getting. Get the alloy motor heat sink why you are at it too because hte Xspeed gets hot. Good luck! :)

2003.06.20, 01:21 PM
Thanks, I think I will go with the X-speed. Good since I can get that off Tower and I need a few other things from Tower other places don't have. I hate ordering from several different places at the same time.

2003.06.28, 10:57 PM
Thanks for the comments. M'z Stock Motor is all-way faster than X-speed. it's 45 turns motor and xspeed one is 48T to 50T (depends). However, it's the fact that using M'z stock motor has a shorter running time because of its higher speed.

If you think M'z stock motor is not faster than x-speed, please email us and we are happy to help you to find out the answer.

2003.06.30, 12:30 PM
Originally posted by Minnmaxxer
I own a M'z motor I got from 2G2 used. That thing is NO where close to my X speed.

I fitted the M'z motor into my son's Pajero last week. I have an almost new X-Speed in my Pajero.
My son's Pajero runs away from me with the M'z motor. Even if I get a head start, his Pajero soon reels me in.
Both of our Pajeros have alloy motor mounts, knuckles and bearings.

So, I guess it boils down to the law of averages. Some M'z motors will outpace X-Speeds and visa versa

2003.06.30, 05:42 PM
We run 3 mz stockers in f1s and they have much more power than the xs we used to run, we have about 4 hours on the mzs, and they all are going strong and still evenly matched to eachother

2003.06.30, 06:18 PM
Well that blows. I just got an X-Speed ordered. Oh well. I guess I can get the M'z. It's cheap anyway. I can get a good comparison for them.

By the way, how long does a motor typically last?


2003.07.13, 09:02 PM
After my X-Speed got screwed up and I have to buy a diff gear, I need to say the money and now want the M'z Stock motor. I just want something that can last me a while. I hate going through motors like this, I had probably 4-6 hours on my X-Speed.

Since I am pretty much gonna get this, I wanna know when the diffs are gonna be in the shop. I will try to order when they come in. Thanks for any help.