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2003.06.21, 03:45 AM
Here are a few pics of my pride and joy!
(I'm normally a nissan fan, but i kinda love this body)
Tell me what you think!

Ken Mifune
2003.06.21, 09:55 AM
Nice wing.
I have a similar pic to your avatar. Coincidence.

2003.06.21, 11:12 AM
dude, your car is cool. I like how low it is with those rims, it reminds me of a touring car. But anyway, what is that line on the back of the car right under the taillight, digital camera mess up or what?

2003.06.21, 12:31 PM
Yeah Ken, that is my car, I don't race it tho!

as with that line, the transfer got screwed up but here it is again!

Thanks for your comments! keep em coming!

Oh and one more thing, I have a Xanavi Skyline Readyset coming.
If you saw my last few posts on the wish list in the new parts corner, I wish I had the Nismo GTR used in the Suzuka 1000k endurance race! Silver and Black with NISMO on the side!


Do it a la Craig Lingenfelter! 2 Fast 2 Furious!

2003.06.21, 08:59 PM
where did u get that wing from?

2003.06.22, 12:41 AM
I actually got from another model kit, same with the decals.
It's from a Fujimi 1:24 Garage Sirokuma Lancer Evo VII.

2003.06.22, 11:11 AM

2003.06.24, 11:13 PM
here are recent shots

2003.06.24, 11:37 PM