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2003.07.01, 10:31 PM
can the drivers of the nsx tell me how it handles and if you recomendit more than others and where it stands in ranking with all the other bodies?

2003.07.02, 12:45 AM
All i know the NSX front crumples easily in a front end crash....

2003.07.02, 12:47 AM
Wing came off pretty easy. Broke the Front Clip hitting a bump. Pretty good otherwise...took as much abuse as can be expected. Handles ok

I like the supras better.

2003.07.02, 09:30 AM
I had the same problem with the front end. hit the wall head on and the pab from the chassie pushed the fron "grill" out and it was a bear getting the body off. Put the grill back on nad used gorilla glue to put in a plastic piese to make the front end fit a bit tighter. It looks great and handles good. The CR5 out handles it by a long shot though. The Vette is my favorite car to run. handles the best that I have driven (no offense to the other bodies)

2003.07.02, 11:50 AM
the mirrors come off easy but that is too be expected with any car...also my wing snaped in half, but nothing a little glue couldn't fix:)

2003.07.03, 06:06 AM
well I have a front bumper waiting for it so any other problems?

2003.07.11, 11:37 PM
the nsx handels pretty good. it dont flip too often unlike the supra. some fender ub in the front so use a hard spring. also problems in the back with suspension. dont see too much suspension travel in the back. the damper hits the window if u have one. i had no problems with the front grill. and i find that the nsx front is very strong.

2003.07.12, 05:04 AM
dougboy what year nsx did you drive?

2003.07.13, 08:18 AM
check this out by master tango...


the handling of the nsx is pretty cool... however you have to do some modifications to use some hop ups...

as mentioned the front end does "crumple" during hard front end crashes... you have to reinforce the body mount by adding a plate (pic will follow)

2003.07.13, 08:26 AM
some people say that the rear shock hits the rear windshield...

here's a solution... don't install the alloy spacer on the motor pod (it goes in between the motor pod and ball end)... this will lower the ball end so that it won't make contact with the rear windshield

2003.07.13, 08:34 AM
body modification... the rear wing was a bit too high for my liking... this also meant that it will be more prone to breaking off...

cut a couple of millimeters off the end... and changed the windshield (this changed the weight distribution dramatically) you can use the flexible plastic box that comes with the autoscale display case...

2003.07.14, 11:19 PM
i drive the castrol one. same as herman. yes herman, i did have the spacer removed. that is what allows the bit of suspension i was talkin bout. cus with the spacer it use to be right agains teh window. also, for some strange reason, i find that the back is really high. i had to lower it to look good(which made susoension travel even less). it seems very high in the back when stock. dont mistaken me but with all this complains, i still like the nsx very much. all bodies have their own problems

2003.07.15, 07:37 AM
dougboy the thing about all the bodies having their own problems, a very good point! but i haven't read any complaints on the vette!

herman thax for the rear wing tip! i will be getting the same body as you and dougboy and many others, all thax to drac!

one more thing i'll see if i can get a trade for that kind of shock, looks really good and it also werks!

thax to all whom replied i'd appreciate it if all ya'll nsx racers keep sending the tips and your opinions on the nsx!

2003.07.15, 07:47 AM
one more thing!

herman what did you use to shave off the few milimeters?

and how much has its handling improved from the time you shaved it and after?

also i be at PI (home country, still a proud american;D) summer next year but this year i'll be hittin the streets of california! EXCITED :D

2003.07.15, 11:31 AM
jeffrey... cool... should i assume that you're "kababayan"...

anyway... i got the 2002 nsx mugen and takata bodies as well...

i measured how tall they were compared to the original locktite... can't really remember how much i took off... i think it was at least 3 mm... but take off a little at a time... it's kinda hard to put something back on that's already off... used a dremel with a cutting wheel...

as for handling... didn't improve that much, but it did reduce the probability of the wing coming off...

i think taking out the heavier windshield and replacing it with the lighter transparent plastic had a greater effect...

2003.07.15, 06:19 PM
herman: where did you get a transparent windshield?

2003.07.15, 11:23 PM
Originally posted by herman
body modification... the rear wing was a bit too high for my liking... this also meant that it will be more prone to breaking off...

cut a couple of millimeters off the end... and changed the windshield (this changed the weight distribution of the body dramatically) you can use the flexible plastic box that comes with the autoscale display case...


2003.07.16, 07:43 AM
exactly how did you make it?

2003.07.17, 02:03 AM
i believe a man is entitled to some secrets.... :D

just kidding will try to get some pics soon...

2003.07.17, 02:23 AM
Sorry for the late reply, this thread may be out of date..

But I run 2002 Takata NSX, aside from broken side mirrors, everything held up okay, including the rear wing. I've since taken off the rear wing though. The basic shell is pretty tough. Once I fell off the stairways 8 feet onto concrete floor. Nothing broke (assuming that the mirrors and wings are off the shell). My track has PVC barriers and sometimes metal barriers and fencing around it, and my car has made contact with them too many times.

Never had the crumple problem that a lot of people were talking aout.

2003.07.17, 02:23 AM
thax! really look forward to meeting you, even though its some time next year!

2003.07.17, 11:36 PM
i haven't read any complaints on the vette!

The vettes front tires rub if you lower it.

There, now you have a complaint!!!;) :p

2003.07.18, 12:50 AM

the takata / mugen 2002 version is a big improvement over the initial offering of the nsx (castrol and locktite versions) ... i've got the old loctite series, and the new series (takata and mugen - they just both look great) but haven't gotten myself to run them just yet...

2003.07.18, 06:11 AM

I would believe it. Looks like if I tried to lower my front, I would end up with a plow!;) The Vett dosn't need to be lowered. I guess you caould say if you raised it, it would be top heavy and flip too!:D

2003.07.18, 04:39 PM
herman hows those pics and if you could instructions on the tranparent windshield!

i finnally got my nsx todaee!:D

mini-z racing
2003.07.18, 06:55 PM
What's the best way to keep my NSX bodie on? it came off twice during the race.

2003.07.18, 10:31 PM
all cars have fender rub if u lower it. in fact, the nsx will rub even at normal high if u use a soft spring.

2003.07.19, 10:56 PM
will post some pics and more tips soon...

to hold the body in place... i put a very little amount of hot melt glue on the side body mounts... just when it's about to dry put the body on... it will help to conform to the notch in the chassis and make it a bit more snug...

for body rubbing (er tire rubbing against the body usually under the wheel wells...) - you can dremmel some parts that rub... and you can put a couple of washers on top of the knuckle... this will limit the travel of the knuckle, so that when it bottoms out, it won't hit the inner wheel well...

mini-z racing
2003.07.20, 10:21 AM
I heard that putting a rubber band around the bodie will keep it on????

2003.07.20, 11:29 AM
rubber bands are... well ok... but sometimes they come in contact with the track surface, which isn't a good thing... a really quick fix would to tape the body to the chassis... that'll keep it from coming off during races... did it a couple of times myself... before discovering hot melt glue...

2003.07.20, 05:47 PM
eh yo herman exactly how did you do the transparent windshield?

mini-z racing
2003.07.20, 07:08 PM
ok,thanks HERMAN.

2003.07.20, 09:14 PM
any pics on the hot glue tip? i wanna make sure i do it right!

2003.07.21, 01:43 AM
here's that pic of the transparent windshield, and body mounts...

take out the original... use a transparent like plastic... (i.e. the plastic box that the autoscale display case came in) and trace the shape of the windows... cut and glue on with rubber cement...

take note that i filled in the spaces in between the body mounts with hot melt glue... for a more tighter fit... put a small amount of glue where it goes into the notch of the chassis...

2003.07.21, 02:02 AM
tip to prevent front hood crumple / wheel body rubbing...

here's a pic that shows a piece of plastic i attached to the front body mount... this reinforces the front end from crumpling during crashes...

to avoid the front wheel from rubbing the body, add a couple of washers on top of the stabilizer bar... to limit knuckle travel... this way when it bottoms out, it doesn't rub the body...