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2003.07.01, 10:34 PM
I've asked on other fourms but I'd think a Mini Z fourm would be the best. I live up by Alviso & is there any Mini Z tracks or events I can get to without a car. I know about Slotcars/R/C Unlimited but thats way way south about 20 miles away & I haven't really seen any public transit that'll take me there without transfering a bunch. I need to be able to take transit or bike because I don't have a ride.

Thanks ~Dan

2003.07.02, 01:29 AM
Hey I used to go to school at George Mayne Elementary so I know where you are at. The closest tracks to you that I know of are TokyoTekki in Milbrae and a track at my workplace in Newark off of 880:



and the ones that you have mentioned. Other then those I am not sure of any others in the area. Did you have a brother or sister that went to george mayne? I might have known them...

2003.07.02, 03:26 PM
I live RIGHT by there. Just over the bridge. You know Lamplighter? I've been an only child for 10 years & I didn'there. Went to school in Sunnyvale (I'm turning 14 in a few days)

I'm going to Tokyo Tekki this Saturday just to scheck out the track & the cars &/or possibly Sunday to watch the race. I'm lucky that Tokyo Tekki is only 1 mile down the street from the Caltrain station or else I wouldn't of been able to go

2003.07.02, 04:13 PM
Yeah a couple of my childhood friends grew up in Lamplighter park. Definitely check out TokyoTekki...lots of nice people who run the store and most of the regulars there are nice and will help out as well.