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2003.07.09, 11:53 AM
In view that Pro-Z has stopped production of the fiberglass chassis, and given that the total cost for a carbon fiber chassis down here to El Salvador is about $120, I decided to give it a try at making my own custom fiberglass Pro-Z chassis. After many hours of Dremeling, hand filling and breathing toxic dusts, here are some pics of my finished chassis....

Custom Pro-Z chassis gallery (http://mini-zracer.com/gallery/efsee)

As you can see, I tried to replicate the chassis the best I could, and even was able to make the carbon fiber Diamond I-Bar, delrin body mounts, and the center dampener.

Yesterday I finally got to race it on my local track and placed 1st (actually got free handed 1st place by an Original Pro-Z chassis racer that broke down). My car was not handling 100%; however, I definitely experienced that the chassis has great potential. I just need to make some fine tuning and setup my M8 radio, as the car has to much torque with the 2x3 FET stack plus the PN Racing S03 motor and the 1.25V PN Racing Cells. I just might need to use some negative exponential, or lower the throttle EPA to 80-90%.

I must say that it was not an easy task to make this chassis, and I had to invest many hours of work, as there are many parts in which you must be very careful to have the right dimensions and correct positioning. I definitely recommend anyone to just go ahead and buy the finished product from Pro-Z. He definitely deserves allot of credit for such a well thought out design, and believe me that if I lived in the US, I would have definitely bought it from him.

Anyway, I guess that these type of projects are what keep me in the hobby.

2003.07.09, 10:54 PM

Great job on the Pro-Z customization. I must say that i agree with you totally on the designing and development of a new chassis. All the work and effort behind the design actually worth every penny of it. But i must say that the Pro-Z chassis is a bit pricey if i would like to have one to be send to me in Malaysia. Anyway, sometimes when you're racing with your own creation is really cool. Great work dude :)

2003.07.10, 12:52 AM
Thanks Vagabond,

You have said it right! Part of the fun of this hobby is doing the research and figuring out how to build it yourself. The design credit still goes to Pro-Z, but it's definitely a cool feeling when you build it yourself and make it work right!

2003.07.10, 02:24 AM
Yes, actually i've build one myself, but the design is totally different from the ProZ.

Pro-Z Racing
2003.07.10, 03:18 AM
efsee - I'm a big fan of ingenuity. Nice job Hope you didn't breath to much dust.

2003.07.10, 08:29 PM
Thanks Pro-z.

Coming from you, it's a real compliment. Can't say it enought, your design is truly awsome and just what the doctor ordered for the Mini-Z. Two thumbs up!

P.S.: And I guess I don't need to tell you how much fiberglass dust I did breathe in the process.

Pro-Z Racing
2003.07.18, 01:10 AM
Minizguy21 - be creative if your going to go through all the work and years off your life make yourself a snazzy one of a kind. Good Luck.

2003.07.19, 12:50 AM
how thick cf did you use, i have a design in my head of a chassis i would like to build but i dont want to order cf and find out that its too huge......

thanks and nice job on the chassis;)

2003.08.06, 08:47 PM
I'm genuinely impressed at that chassis. did you bevel the battery slots to prevent the carbon from cutting into the plastic sleaves? Keep in mind carbon is a decent conductor and you could run into problems with that.

That's a really great job!

2003.08.07, 08:26 AM
Thanks Nerobro. Yes, I beveled the battery holes; however, the material I used for the chassis was 1/16" fiberglass, not carbon.