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2003.07.19, 11:01 PM
So i splashed out a bit and spent $45 on all the bits for an electronic timing system, i got it all put together and stuff, but the software that some one was raving about (vrs) is pretty crap. So i found Lap Timer 2000 which is excellent. It allows you to name the drivers, cars, race catagories, displays average lap speed(selectable between scale and real) and you can put together big tournaments with it. AND at the end of each race you can automaticly generate a race summary in HTML format for just looking at or posting on the web.
get it now and it will convince you to make the timer, which is so easy it's almost an anti climax.

the only thing else i want is if anyone knows of software like this that is geared towards drag racing or speed trial where you simple set up a speed trap with it??

because it would be really easy to set up, i just need the software.

so go out and buy some CAT 5 cable, a printer plug to CAT 5 socket and some cheap IR phototransistors and laser pointers and get accurate!!!

2003.07.20, 10:10 PM
How much was lap timer 2000? If you make me a 5-lane timer I will pay you:)

2003.07.21, 07:21 AM
sorry! that is laptimer's only flaw, it only supports up to 4 lanes, and i would feel cheap taking your money, its that easy. the software is free!!! which is amazing considering how many more features it has over VRS which costs 20 pounds!!!
i would feel cheap taking your money as it is so easy, the wiring instructions are built into the program!!

also ignore the price i quoted as i'm an aussie and the most expensive things are the laser pointers, if you can get them cheap then the rest of the bits won't cost more that 5-10 USD

have fun!!

2003.07.21, 10:34 AM
pianoman, goto www.gregorybraun.com for your free copy;)

2003.07.21, 09:41 PM
Thanks for the info...I think 4 lanes is enough anyway. One question...does it have sound? That is the one thing that I would love to have is different sounds to program.

Thanks again,


2003.07.22, 01:32 AM
it has ding ding ding ding DING sounds to start the race and engine vrrrRRRROOOooommss so signify a lap and clapping at the finish

2003.07.22, 03:50 AM
It's not possible to change the sounds on laptimer2000 unfortunatly. You can do it on VRS, give each driver a signature sound and another for fastest lap and a couple more. But i had the same experience as nismo with VRS and never got it to work quite as good as laptimer2000. Well if you're up for it give it a try, http://www.i2mnet.com/

As nismo pointed out, the timer system is easy to build. For more info:


and from another member of this forum: