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2003.07.23, 12:33 AM
In this thread, we can show off our cars, talk about them, talk about what got us in to the whole mini z scene in the first place... and any other neat facts youd like to share about your car.

My name is motospyder... my real name is Darren.

My car is a street Z with a calsonic skyline body. there is a picture of it in my avatar, or you can go to


You may notice a black cross on the roof. It signifies something personal to me, and if you get to know me well enough perhaps i will explain it to you. It brings me and my car good luck.

Ive decided to call my car the Blaukreiger (blue soldier) because it battles tirelessly for victory on the course.

I got in to mini z racing when i first saw my local track go up. It was under construction and it looked interesting, so one day i rented a car and i was hooked immediately. When i bought my car, i think i made it 7/8 of a lap before the servo gears broke... but ive had the same gears since they were replaced that cold december of 2002! (yes they are plastic). Since then ive been driving my z with the greatest of enjoyment, and i have become quite formidable on the racing circuit.

one time i duct taped a ramp to the track and jumped it, trying unsucessfully to execute freestyle tricks... i have since stopped doing this.

if theres anything else you want to know, email me :)


2003.07.23, 08:53 AM
OK, I'll be next. I also race at the same track as Motospyder. I enjoy going there with my son and raceing. I really enjoy tinkering with the cars too. (good thing because my son likes to break them!:D ) In our arsonal of cars we have the following

1) Vette C5R - setup for the thursday stock races. Has stock motor, Kyosho Diff, Kyosho Damper, Alloy motor mount, Alloy bulk head, allow 1st servo gear, alloy H plate, soft front springs(kyosho Yellow), home made antenna, 30's in the front and stock in the back on stock wheels (can't find good replacement allows for the Vette yet!) Ball bearings in wheels and motor mount, (Will also run this in the Mods by switching the motor with a X Speed.)
and blue chassie ,Alloy wheel nuts

2) Viper - Custom painted (Purple) with GPM diff, Rear damper, alloy motor mount, alloy bulk head, allow rims stock rear and 30's in the front. ball bearings throughout, carbon fiber H plate, (my son Matthew runs this one), alloy wheel nuts

3) CLK D2 - 6x2 internal FET stack, S02 in a PN BB can, GPM rear damper, alloy bulkhead, powerline diff, allow motor mount, alloy h plate, ball bearings all around, allow rims with 30's on front and stock on back. and home made internal antenna, alloy wheel nuts

4) NSX castrol - 6x2 internal FET stack, S02 in a PN BB can, GPM rear damper, alloy bulkhead, ball bearings all around, allow rims with 30's on front and stock on back. and home made internal antenna need a motor mount and h plate and Diff (will get them next time I'm at the track), allow wheel nuts

5) F1 Jordan custom painted pearl green. Have alloy rims, ball bearings all around, kyosho internal antena, kyosho damper, Kyosho rear diff, xspeed in a auldi bb can, removed the front springs and fitted spare plastic bushings in their place to remove any flex in the front (runs like a CART car) and alloy wheel nuts Would like to get alloy knuckles and toe in bar.

I also have somespare bodies

Audi TT (run and painted gold with budwiser decals)
Blue Viper (actually came from a Heipocrap) but looks nice.
honda s2000
VW Beetle
Porshe GT3

I guess my wife is right. When I get involved in something, I become obsessed!
:D :D

mini-z racing
2003.07.23, 01:24 PM
My turn,

I race at the same track at both of them and is doing stock now untill i can get my handleing down better. I i race big stuff alot and spend a ton of money into it.but i dont want to explain every thing i have for my 10th scales because it would take for ever. I got my mini-z i think over a week ago.

i got in my mini-z ,

Kyosho diff
rear damper
blue screws
30's in the front.
wheel nuts
and a some more things i have on it.

I use to have a F1 but sold it and than this place opened up about one month later.
I have not really broken anything yet besides stripping some screws.

I got into R/C about 4 year ago and have been racing ever sice. have have alot of trophys and won a free motor. My friend is into it too. I love raing the big stuff and the mini-z's too. I talk to the pro's that are sponsored. Like Matt francis, Josh cyrul, Adam drake, all of em. Darrin and Paul both helped me out with my mini-z. thanks.

I guess that is all for now. see you all on thursday.

P.S Darrin. can you bring that thing that will keep my body on better on tursday? thanks
:D :D :D

2003.07.23, 11:14 PM
hello ppl, my real name is edwin. i live in toronto and i race at the Local track (http://www.minizhobbyshop.com) i got into miniZ cus of smaller rc. i only have one car right now:( hopping to get an f1 soon. trying to find a used one omline.

stuff i got in my car
-ball diff
-bbs all around
-blue alloy motor mount
-tlp ext turbo
-3 degree toe in tie rod
-3degree camber knuckles
-alum lock nuts
-roll shocks
-25degree shimiZu tires
-alum rims (with disc brakes)
-cf h plate

the bodies that i run at the track is my castrol nsx and the au cerumo supra.

2003.07.25, 01:56 PM
keep sending that info!!! :D:D the more you know the better you are!! this is going great!


2003.07.25, 06:19 PM
Mine name is Mondo.. we leave that right there..

How did I get into Mini-Z's? Well, I worked for a large semicon company, the one that claims to be the center of your digital world. I worked in many countries, the U.S., Far East, and finally my country of birth, England.
Due to the globetrotting at the time my love of RC was on hold.
Just as we settled in the UK, I walked past a hobby store one fine day and saw the Mini-Z. Kyosho was a name I am associated with (no pun intented on the "associated" part) so I thought I'd try one. I've never looked back.

Now I own a fleet of small scale RC cars, mostly Mini-Z's
I have some bigger cars too.
This Thread says it all:
The list is there.

Unfortunately the 'Z doesn't have such a great following in the UK, this place loves touring car and large (1/8 - 1/5) scale racing.
Sadly enough, as much as I'd love to race my Z's, I don't.

That doesn't stop me from hopping them up and tinkering with them at least 3 times a week :)

2003.07.25, 10:28 PM
I've been on the forums for a while now, and many fellow Mini-Z hobbiests know me as Wedginator. For those who met me or raced me at the Toronto Track I'm known at Tim. I've been Mini-Z Racing for over a year and half now.

I have a Mini-Z F1, a Mini-Z Racer, and a Micro RS4. I got into Mini-Z's when I came across this site (MiniZRacer.com) :D , and started looking at the pictures. Fasinated, I searched up more websites and I got more and more interested. Soon I went to my hobby shop to look at a X-Mas present my parents could get me. And guess what? I found a Mini-Z on the shelf. Remember my Silver S2000? Yea, that's the one... :D :D It still sits on my shelf on a dummy chassis.

Yea, so that's basically how my RC'ing progressed from there.

Here's some more personal info on me. I just graduated from High School this year and going on to University. uhh... I drive a Burgany Volvo 850 GLT. Give me a honk if u see me. :) , but don't hold down your horn, I'll just flip u the bird :D :D


Ken Mifune
2003.07.25, 11:21 PM
Hello, My name is Kenichi Mifune and I'm a Z-oholic.
I've been on the WagonRod for almost a year now.

On occassion, I like to hit the apex late and pass on the inside.

At the moment, my real car has over 225,000 mi. and still has the factory clutch.

2003.07.26, 04:55 AM
Originally posted by Ken Mifune
At the moment, my real car has over 225,000 mi. and still has the factory clutch.

In****ingcredible! Says me who has 74000 miles on his car and is on his third clutch!

2003.08.01, 01:25 PM
cmon, i know thats not everybody!