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Dutch Mini Racer
2003.07.26, 04:51 AM
pic.1 (http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SAAMA*8UbOMh5V*mZjHAHNB6lT1ZcoLoZfk3G3PeIckBZJXPt ClxeI!mFhlohgTZnZy5c5qHz!agFiG!I2MiP!UrbRu5DpCLl*P qBNMzFMw8AAAAkXKRAg/PIC0002.JPG?dc=4675428632517385865)

pic.2 (http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SAAMAwAVrOMh5V*mZjHAHPMc9Db79Y6w0w*QAtN2o32IFrwFs EaZwYLboZ0vreHk*P2lhC2EYINjT8YKnVd2AvR6i!ZPpBWDXoA NYXSP0vYvAAAAkXKRAg/PIC0003.JPG?dc=4675428632534829795)

2003.07.26, 05:17 AM
links don't work man!

Dutch Mini Racer
2003.07.27, 03:02 AM

2003.07.27, 04:20 AM
Is that an Amiga PC in the corner ? ;).

Dutch Mini Racer
2003.07.28, 03:13 AM
yes it is :D it's there collecting dust....


Dutch Mini Racer
2004.01.01, 08:50 AM
The track is completly rebuild :D

You can check MiniZracing (http://www.minizracing.tk) for the complete rebuild story.

2004.01.01, 09:54 AM
Change your avatar to something, more child friendly please...

Dutch Mini Racer
2004.01.01, 02:40 PM
This better??


But what do you think of my new track?? It's not done yet, It needs a few more "L" profiles in the corners but it's ready for racing already. :)


2004.01.06, 01:27 PM
Nice track but the avitar is still not in good taste for this board.

I know the rest of the world is a prude next to the Netherlands.

2004.11.19, 02:46 AM
Great track, reminds me of when i was racing 1:10th for some reason

Great site, love the race dirt on the Farrari, realistic :)

2004.11.19, 12:42 PM
I don't see anything wrong with the Avatar... :confused:

2004.11.21, 06:50 PM
That's because he's already changed it.

2004.11.21, 07:05 PM
That post was only over 10 months old (January). :D

Dutch Mini Racer
2004.11.22, 03:20 AM
That post was only over 10 months old (January). :D

hahaha yup ;) :p

Well i liked my t.A.T.u. avatar better but this one is more suitable for this forum :rolleyes:

Anyway, the track has changed in the last few months (see my website for pics.)


The Stampede
2004.11.22, 11:14 AM
is that a garden hose you are using for the walls? looks like a good idea!wish i thought of it!

Vash :cool: