View Full Version : My New mini-z

2003.07.26, 07:31 PM
It is the red toyota vitz...the h-plate is broken already so i made this ghetto as hell one...Tokyo tekki (the place i ordered from) is giving me a metal h-plate and a new differential for free but that wont come for a week...Anyway enjoy because I am gonna do the decals tonite...

2003.07.26, 07:34 PM
Here is a Bum-view

2003.07.26, 07:45 PM
And here is the ghetto-ass h-plate

2003.07.26, 08:29 PM
do you race it or is it jes for kicks?

2003.07.26, 09:10 PM
Originally posted by Blownc1v1c
And here is the ghetto-ass h-plate

I can't see a thing, try using lights.;)

mini-z racing
2003.07.26, 10:38 PM
Yeah do you race it?? i think there might be a track near you.

2003.07.26, 11:26 PM
Hehe... Ive made 3 ghetto H plates so far, Ive got an Order for a set of 3 graphites that should be here any day now... Finnaly, Ive broken 2 of the stock plastic ones, and 2 of my ghetto ones LOL

2003.07.27, 08:39 AM
a track near me?

2003.07.27, 08:52 AM
I want to race it for real but I cant find any tracks near me (Hillsborough, NJ). But for now me and my friend (he has the F40) make tracks with chalk and race on them (kinda boring but better than nothing...

Also, I dont know how long it will hold up but i put my h-plate back together with plastic welder stuff...it is supposed to make it one piece of plastic when cures so we'll see

2003.07.27, 09:56 PM
I tried that welder stuff b4, its kinda good jus dont do anything extreme with it.

P.S. In 1 pic u lowered the rear, try taking the front springs out and the front will be lowered and that would look sweet.