View Full Version : whens the next time you practice?

2003.07.31, 01:31 PM
i was just wondering because i bought an f1 on tuesday and am wanting to see them run. also was curious on what to buy for it hop up wise. i already got the bearings for it, also the traction control diff, but i cant seem to tell much of a difference over the stock diff. i was planning on buying the diff that TT has there(i got all my parts and car there). also better tires is on my to do list asap.

thanks, Brock

2003.08.01, 10:32 AM
welcome to the boards. i'll add you to our group mailer so you'll be up on current events.

as for hop ups, it depends on how deep your wallet is;)

i would suggest the kyosho ball diff, xspeed and squat foam for first order of purchases. these are all you'll really need to be competitive off the bat at the track. and some good practice of course.

all the other stuff like ball bearings, center shock, wheelnuts, alloy rims can come later.

we race again on aug 9 which will be our final race of this second season. season III will start sometime after a short break.

2003.08.01, 11:20 AM
great thanks. as for pocket depth, a mini z is way easier on the pockets than my 1/8th scale so..

thanks again, brock.

2003.08.01, 12:45 PM
no problem. these items are also available at the hobby store

i assume you'll be racing with us on aug 9? versus being an observer that is. we need your f1 on the grid:D

and which F1 do you have?

2003.08.02, 03:34 PM
can try for aug 9th. i ve never raced before but i can try it.. i have the compaq bmw #5.

2003.08.05, 09:25 PM
1/8th u have a buggy? yup .... last time they raced it was my 1st time and it kicked serious.... stuff.... and hopefully ill be up on the 9th 2.hmmmmm can someone.. eh nm ill put it on another part.... but ill say the F1 class will be a lil harder i think cause u have the pros Like Abe lol racing you. By the way abe... can u bring that 2 sided tape again? i need some cause i jus painted my crvette rims black... thanks

2003.08.05, 09:37 PM
yea i got a buggy, and 2 1/10th scale touring cars, sadly the mini z is the only one really running as of now though.
o well i look forward to this weekend though, the mini z has been a blast so far, but cutting donuts in my garage is getting old. that and i need to get some real tires for it.

2003.08.05, 09:38 PM
Yeah me 2 have a GS Storm... and a xxx-s and xxx-nt... sadly the z is the only 1 working. hope 2 see u there.


2003.08.05, 09:42 PM
lol yea i got 2 ofnas, buggy and 1/10th, and a megatech i bought for the spare parts. my buddys xxxnt is laying in pieces in my garage too. geez i got my mini in the garage right now, im gonna go move it before something happens to it.
my buddy just sold his GS, for 75$ to get a B4.

2003.08.05, 09:44 PM
hehe. mine aren't messed up jus cause once my friends are broken, i guess they dont get it that u can but the parts to fix it... oh well...

2003.08.06, 05:14 PM
cody. np. i'll have two sided tape for you this weekend

this weekend should be good. i plan to set up the track and practice a few this friday evening to prep for the final race.
looking forward to it to.

i've been busy this week so if i'm not answering any of you guy's AIM messages it's not because i'm being rude. sometimes i don't default the away message even when i'm not there.


2003.08.06, 07:08 PM
Also ive got our songs on a cassette, ill bring the player 2 , but im warning you, it sounds like crap.lol. cause we havent quite figured out the recording thing, next week tho Jaymes, Bass, is buying a recording thing tho so that'll help.

thanks, later

2003.08.06, 08:10 PM
ok, i went to TT's tonight to get some parts, and for tires all they had was front foams, like s221's i believe. heres my question, excuse my ignorance before hand, do you run them on all 4 corners, or were they just out of rear's? i dont think u run them at all 4 corners and so heres my question. if someone who is going to be there saturday has an extra pair of rear f1 foams, new or even slightly used, would you be interested in trading them for some fronts or even selling them to me? the older gentlemen at TT's said they weren't getting any more stuff before the weekend so i stand no chance of being able to buy them there. also, i gather you tape them on , but can you glue them like normal r/c tires? sorry for the silly questions.

brock :confused:

2003.08.06, 08:14 PM
I jus tape mine on cause they wear, and u can jus take em off and put new ones on the rims. and i run the foams on the front and rear, but u dont neccisarly (i need 2 learn how 2 spell)have to though.

2003.08.06, 08:29 PM
ok i get it about the tape. however with the foams, i dont even think the front needs em, but the rears act like they gotta have it.

2003.08.06, 08:43 PM
shoulda added this, i guess i know i COULD run fronts on the rear, but is it gonna handle better than rubber slicks? does that make sense??????????????? i dont think i even understand now.
/shrugs shoulders

2003.08.06, 08:46 PM
ummm Abe will haveta answer that 1, but if u mean use the stock front tires on the rear thats a bad idea i think. Not enough traction.

2003.08.06, 08:54 PM
no use the front foams on the rear if i cant get any rear foams. my point being is, are the front foams better than say rubber slicks for the rear? if the foams are better, i would use the front foams on the rear to be better off. if not i will just get some slicks. the rears are wider, duh, but would skinny foams would be better then wide rubbers? that better? sorry for the confusion.

2003.08.06, 09:35 PM
i still dont know about the tires, but one thing i do know is that the kyosho ball diff is a great part to have. i dont know how i went the first week without it.

2003.08.06, 09:44 PM

we're talking F1 here right? i'd get 20 degree slicks for the rear since they're out of foams and use new stock grooved tires in front. i haven't mixed slick rears with foam fronts before but it'd be worth a try during practice to see it handles

foams all around work best but soft slicks in the rear is the next best thing if they're out of stock with foams. 20 degree slicks should be available at TTs.

sorry but i don't have spare rear foams. i've installed my last pair on round three hoping there would be more by this next round.
they usually get new shipments on fridays so maybe , maybe not that they will have more. we'll see.

2003.08.06, 09:47 PM
yeah f1.

so no foam fronts mounted on the rear huh? lol

great thats what i needed to know.

2003.08.07, 03:09 PM
Also, jus somethin to say, when i got the foam tires, the same day i ripped the rear ones half, so u might wanna get the rubber tires for the rear end of the car, and not foams like me, i think im gonna get rubbers tho this sat fo the rear end if they dont have foams.

2003.08.07, 06:53 PM
did you rip them putting them on or did they tear while driving?
since i got 4 fronts, i might just try it, if it dont work i will buy the slicks.

2003.08.07, 07:38 PM
They jus tore while driving.