View Full Version : Option Chassis for OverLand

Yugo DSC Maxxer
2003.08.01, 07:24 PM
Here is the Option Chassis for the OverLand from napaJ kniL ybboH (read it backwards:D)

2003.08.01, 08:06 PM
Want it so bad!

But i like the one kyosho.jp (http://www.kyosho.co.jp/rc_model/miniz_series/miniz_overland/miniz_overland_anni-j.html) have on their ol page better with that grey main chassi. :D

Yugo DSC Maxxer
2003.08.01, 08:12 PM
UltraWide, the Kyosho.jp OverLand and the OverLand mentioned here are the same thing!

2003.08.01, 08:16 PM
Know that, but your pic have one of the colored main chassis (blue) and kyosho have the plain (grey) - And I like the grey one better... ;)

Yugo DSC Maxxer
2003.08.01, 08:29 PM
Oh, oops....
Hey I'm not the best attention to battery holder details and things like that.
Meh, I'm an idiot.