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2002.01.19, 04:42 PM
I have youst bought a Merc CLK, and I was wondering where I could buy a lowering set?

Or do I have to make one myself, if so, do you have some good tips how to make a good lowering set?:confused:

2002.01.19, 04:53 PM

Welcome to Mini-ZRacer.com!

You will see two lowered race ready D2 Warnsteiner CLK's un the 'Cars and Drivers' Forum.
You'll find other lowered cars there too :)


2002.01.19, 07:00 PM

save yourself some money by using 2mm washers which come with the ready set kit. If you are out of these washers - I'm sure you can probably pull them off a 1/10 scale Kyosho body (which this size washer is used to hold the side mirrors). They work well and save you money. Remember - all you have to do is just place them underneath your front knuckle arms then you're off. Add washers until you have found your desired height - then replace the shaft with the rest of the front bulkhead. It's as simple as that and it works well without spending a heap of money.... :D Which means - more money for things which you can't make that easily - ie - X-Speed Motor....

Hope you will find this helpful


2002.01.20, 05:08 AM
Thanks for the help guys!:D :D