View Full Version : just some pics of a true mini r/c

3series takumi
2003.08.06, 02:00 AM
this is what i call the mini-z killer ;p

3series takumi
2003.08.06, 02:03 AM
my other X's

my Evo has 5 cells
pn-speedy practice motor with bearings
lrp quantum micro esc
novak xxl receiver
and most importantly 4WD w/dual thrust bearing ball diffs

3series takumi
2003.08.06, 02:05 AM
hehe the pic didnt upload on the last one ;p

2003.08.06, 02:13 AM
nice.... how fast r they?

o, and please define "true mini r/c"...

3series takumi
2003.08.06, 02:23 AM
hehe, its late im just messin around. i am not sure how fast they are, probably around 30+ mph. the speedy motor is quick especially with the extra cell, 5 batts vs 4. i guess i consider it 'true r/c' cause you can make toe, camber, caster, and suspension adjustments on the fly without havin to buy parts (which is a good thing cause there are no hopup parts available for them) i want to race more miniz's on course, the racers i know either sux or their cars are slow. for now i race with some of the local rs4 micros, i have to push it but it can keep up with them. thanks to PN for the motor, LRP for the esc, and good old 4wd

2003.08.06, 03:12 AM
well the racers you run with aren't as good as some others you can't race without traveling.............don't say your a mini-z killer until you've really beaten the best of the best............and plus your X is not in the same class as the Z..........

2003.08.06, 09:31 AM
I tihnk the MiniX's are kinda cool but the lexan bodies always look so goofy...they are always waaaay too wide for the car... I'm glad to see someone using better looking bodies that fit...except for the Lamborghini :) which is still too wide... Nice EVO and Skyline though are they model bodies or Mini-Z bodies? (the EVO and Skyline)

3series takumi
2003.08.11, 01:34 AM
there are all 1/24th scale model bodies. the lambo has been fixed with some wide wheels in the rear. i plan on gettin some lexan bodies. only the express bodies are wide cause saddly they are the both the body and packaging for the car. ABC dtm cars have nice lexans and i found some others with great detail but i dont think it is proper to list the link on this site. miniz bodies dont fit cause they are 1/28th scale unlike what they say they are