View Full Version : What Kind Of Racer/driver Are You?

2003.08.09, 07:29 AM
are you more of a speed freak wanting more speed as you taste it or are you a racer lookin to improve your skill/time everytime you get on the track?

2003.08.09, 12:49 PM
Although I like fiddling around with the Z in my living room (and also although my sig line asks if you are a speed freak :D ) I like to treat my Z ownershipas if it were a racing career. Albeit a tiny one :D

So it's all about getting the car dialed in, cutting down the lap times, figuring out new turn-in points, adding parts, etc.

Sort of like a living video game I suppose.


2003.08.09, 08:31 PM
I like the speed, My driving lacks so I try to make it up with speed. dosn't always work but NML and Mystere are hoking me up and I cannot wait till I get on the track loaded! (hot motors not drunk!)

2003.08.10, 02:23 AM
i'm a full bread racer..........of course you need a fast motor to improve your lap times.............but like in initial D.........you don't need all that raw power to go really fast..........

2003.08.10, 10:29 PM
i like to be more technical. speed dont take skills. just invest some money and u will get speed. but u cant buy experience with money. btw, i think initial d is rpetty fake especially the games

2003.08.11, 01:36 AM
i think the game is too tacky..........but there is some truth in the initial D epeisodes..........because they can't make that **** out of thin air.............

Inferno motors
2003.11.29, 07:39 AM
when I become better I car run faster and upgrade my car even futher.So Im trying for better driving skills.

2003.11.29, 11:36 AM
The only Z racing we have here is the racing my buddies and I do in my garage. We keep the rules simple, basically we keep the cars virtually stock, so the emphasis is on driver ability, so that's what I focus on.


2004.04.06, 11:15 PM
my lil monster will run slowly - too dang expensive to slamm on walls
i put 9t pinion, just broke wheelie bar stay last night :(
gonna need some repair eh :-/

gonna make it lil crawler too, is it possible?

2004.04.06, 11:20 PM
i'm kinda in the middle of speed demon and improving skills. when i had the time in the past, i used to go to the track every weekend and race there for hours. got pretty goot too, till hw started piling up and i couldn't get there every weekend. I practice on my driveway now and that still improves my skill... but every now and then, I try to find a way to go as fast as I can in a straight line... nml motor helped me get up to speed...

2004.04.08, 12:30 PM
It depends on which Z I drive, but overall I'm just trying to get better and better. It's just that some of my Z driving skills need a lot more improvement when driving certain Zs because I tend to attempt to drive them all the same--my poor Overland, it shouldn't be driven like an F1. :o

2004.04.08, 12:48 PM
i try to finish the day with the least number of broken parts as possible :rolleyes: once a year it's about geting better (pre cup race racing) but for the most part it's for kicks... who doesn't have fun burning some laps for the heck of it :cool: