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2003.08.09, 06:00 PM
Well, I know all of you have been sitting here wondering "gee, what happened to Rick?" If you weren't, just humor me and think that now. Anyway, I have some new bodies to show off. Here goes.

2003.08.09, 06:01 PM
2nd GT-40

2003.08.09, 06:02 PM
3rd GT-40

2003.08.09, 06:02 PM
4th GT-40

2003.08.09, 06:03 PM
Last GT-40

2003.08.09, 06:05 PM
2nd Body: Awesome Bill from Dawsonville

2003.08.09, 06:06 PM
Bill Elliott again:

2003.08.09, 06:07 PM
Last body for now: mildly-riced Subaru

2003.08.09, 06:08 PM
Subaru again

2003.08.09, 06:08 PM
3rd Subaru:

2003.08.09, 06:10 PM
Last one:

2003.08.09, 06:13 PM
The GT40 and Intrepid are modified slotcar bodies. The Subaru is something my dad did when he got bored and my old black Subaru wasn't looking so pretty. We soaked it in some stuff, turned it white and the rest is history. OK, I lied, one more pic:

2003.08.09, 09:26 PM
Man that GT40 is Bad @$$.
Where can I get a body like that?
How much did you pay?

2003.08.09, 09:49 PM
I got it at my local hobby shop/slot car track for $7. It was the only one they had.

2003.08.09, 11:31 PM

2003.08.09, 11:55 PM
Very cool bodies.I like doing the bodies up also.Dont have camera to show any.Go Raiders.....and Eagles.

Ken Mifune
2003.08.10, 06:03 AM
nice work, you and your dad.
that GT-40 has some serious undercuts for a vaccu-form. looks good.

2003.08.10, 07:30 AM
i'm guessing your subaru's original paint was silver..............taped up the design you wanted............then painted over..............nice job..........in the right light it looks like theres a pearl............i tried doing this once.................but came out all wrong...............wut kind of tape did you use?...........

2003.08.10, 09:35 AM
Nce How do they ru? (the slot car ones) Do they stay on in minor altercations on the track? How did you mount them?

2003.08.10, 11:11 AM
The Subaru was actually black and we stripped all the paint. We just used normal masking tape to mask off the designs on the Subaru and GT40. The orange is a mix of metallic orange and touch of black. I haven't run them much yet but the Dodge is mounted with posts and screws front and back but the GT40 was low enough in the front that we used Velcro in the front and the posts in the back. I'll have track test results one I get the antenna holes drilled. Glad y'all like them.

2003.08.11, 06:13 PM
hey, remember me? i love the subaru. is that tamiya paint? how many layers?

i cant get use to the name rick. still like afro puff better

2003.11.03, 12:18 PM
I have been looking for a GT40 kit for some time now with no luck i settled for the 350 Z fairlain the GT40 was my first choise though. sTILL no luck in finding one around here. I am also on the look out for the GT500.

2003.11.05, 09:12 AM
What brand of slot car body is the Dodge? Mine looks cartoonish
compared to yours. Great job Rick.

2003.11.06, 06:03 PM
The Dodge is made by Champion. The bad thing about it is that the rear end of the Z is too narrow for it.

2003.11.07, 08:32 AM
Have you tried the longer, adjustable axle? I got one from the shop some time ago.

2003.11.07, 08:38 AM
No, I haven't tried it, I didn't know they had an adjustable shaft.

2003.11.08, 06:58 PM
I think it is made by SQUAT